Something that FileCatalyst has been seeing a fair amount this month is concerning the expiration of the Java Applet Certificates. FileCatalyst uses code signed Java Applet Certificates as part of their security to ensure that they won’t be tampered with. Tampering with the applets results in those applets becoming non-functional. These certificates are required to be renewed every three years in order to keep them current. FileCatalyst has just reached the threshold on the last set of certificates and some of them are due to be replaced.

This month’s tip video is a quick walk-through of the process to replace the .Jar files in FileCatalyst Central, specifically the ones related to FileCatalyst Hotfolder. This process can be generally used to troubleshoot any FileCatalyst product that is presently encountering the issue with Java security saying your certificates have expired, meaning the .Jar files need to be updated. You can  also view the accompanying knowledge base article on the process here.