How Fast File Transfer Helps Natural Resources Companies

Moving data from the field to the office often runs into speedbumps like slow connections, dropped packets, or even failed backups. In the energy and natural resources industries, moving data is even more difficult due to the size and complexity of data collected on-site.

What can organizations do to send big data reliably – and quickly? One answer is to use a fast file transfer solution.

What is Fast File Transfer?

It’s as straightforward as it sounds: fast file transfer solutions are products that can transfer data at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, which is dozens of times faster than the standard file transfer solutions used by businesses across industries.

Organizations use fast file transfer solutions to send and receive files in near-real time, no matter how great the distance or file size.

What is FileCatalyst?

FileCatalyst is a fast file transfer solution made up of three principal products: Direct, Central, and Workflow. Each of these provides a pillar of centralized, reliable, and fast file transfers.

  • Direct is the core technology through which files are uploaded and downloaded through either a browser- or desktop-based interface.
  • Central provides the visibility and management piece and is especially useful in instances where data is collected from multiple points around the globe.
  • Workflow offers flexibility with a web portal for streamlined file exchange.

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How FileCatalyst Helps Energy and Natural Resources Organizations

Besides simply accelerating the rate at which work can be sent, received, and completed, FileCatalyst offers unique problem-solving in the energy and natural resources field – and off it. No matter how you’re collecting data or where you’re sending it to, FileCatalyst can help.

Centralizing Global Operations

Thanks to globe-spanning field and corporate sites, energy companies have to contend with diverse networks that can be unreliable or quickly become congested, including satellite, LTE, fiber, and microwave.

When your scientists and researchers are not on site, you need a way to share findings quickly and easily to make decisions in the field. Whether you’re collecting data from an oilfield, solar farm, or the middle of the ocean, sending data to a central location can be complicated. Nonuniform connection strength, quality, or performance are often barriers to getting data out for analysis.

FileCatalyst makes transferring files to anywhere in the world just as efficient as sharing files within your on-site network. FileCatalyst is not impeded by network impairments and is immune to latency and packet loss, meaning that your data can be efficiently aggregated from anywhere in the world so that your researchers and stakeholders can see the whole picture from their own locations.

Facilitating High Performance Computing (HPC) Transfers

As with centralizing data in one location, organizations often rely on high performance computing (HPC) facilities to turn vast amounts of data gathered into useful measurements and maps. HPC does the time- and resource-intensive work in fractions of the time it would take standard computations, but the multi-terabyte datasets it parses with can be complicated to transfer. To complicate matters further, advances in technology means that data collection is only growing in volume, variety, and velocity.

Moving data, whether audio, video, or measurement, from the remote location in which it was collected to a centralized HPC facility requires a solution that can handle oversized files without dropping any data.

FileCatalyst manages your large datasets with ease, and at unprecedented speeds. Bypass TCP/FTP acknowledgement bottlenecks, even across large distances, when you use FileCatalyst, which sends larger packets of data and doesn’t rely on acknowledgements. This yields speeds that maximize your connection and accelerates file transfers up to 10Gbps.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data backups are essential, especially with the amount of data collected, analyzed, and shared for oil and gas organizations. FileCatalyst offers peace of mind with the delta transfer feature. Accelerated data-mirroring to off-site backups ensures that your backups remain up to date – to the minute.

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