One of the best, and worst, parts of the December break is time with family. It’s great to get everyone together, celebrate the season, and share stories; however, if your family is anything like mine, those relatives you haven’t seen in a while have questions. Lots of them. Honestly, I’m okay answering questions, but not so okay at repeating myself, but invariably, those family members all ask the same questions. They’re just never asked when everyone is together in the same spot. Instead, I was left explaining the same thing to a bunch of people a bunch of times.


Getting back into the office got me thinking about this holiday tradition and how to simplify the process. How would it be easiest to explain to everyone how the company is doing, how things are going, and what we’ve been up to? My solution is this blog post: an all encompassing post summarizing our top blog posts, top webinars, and things we learned from the past year.

Note: In this case, top means most popular, most visited, and most attended. Not necessarily the most interesting or my favourites.

Top blog post of 2014

Blog posts are meant to be personal, but educational. When our staff writes them, our priorities are to make sure they teach something and are fun to read. Each person’s definition of fun is different, and some posts aren’t able to encompass it in the same way, but each post teaches someone something.

In reviewing the most popular blog posts from 2014, these themes stay true. From posts 5 thru 1, each is educational and have a sense of humour (depending on your perspective, of course).

  1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Clean Coding, Clean Code Series (Part 2)
    This post covers the major things to do and not do when cleaning code, including: getting people on board, communicating, bug fixing, and flow.
  2. Remember Sochi
    This post discusses the work our team did to prepare for the NBC Sports Group Olympic Winter Games coverage from Sochi, Russia. It also talks about flying cars.
  3. Introducing FileCatalyst TransferAgent
    Find out all about our brand new product, FileCatalyst TransferAgent, why it’s unique, how it works, and what’s next.
  4. Protecting your data in 2014: The importance of managed file transfer (MFT) solutions
    A look at how to prevent security leaks, in specific reference to file transfers, and how to go about securing your data.
  5. What not to share
    We take a look at what files should never be shared or transferred over an unsecured, public, free-to-use site.
Top 2014 webinars

In 2014, we began showcasing our partners within webinars. We had done so periodically previously, but our partners are important to us, so we wanted to involve them consistently.

Of the 13 webinars we hosted over the past year, the following were the most watched. I find it interesting that there is an even balance between the webinars we did with our partners and those educational based sessions hosted by members of our team. Also interesting that webinars occurring in the months starting with “A” are the most popular.

  1. Partner webinar featuring CatDV from December 2014
  2. Beyond FTP & hard drives: Accelerating LAN file transfers from May 2014
  3. FileCatalyst introduces TransferAgent from September 2014
  4. Accelerating file transfer: Introducing an FTP replacement and its benefits from April 2014
  5. Accelerating file transfer in Telestream workflows from August 2014
Lessons learned

As we referenced in our Looking ahead to 2015 blog, we attended more trade shows than ever before in 2014. Some were large, highly attended. Some were themed by industry. And most were very busy, but each one taught us something new.

For the first time, we attended a show in the middle east and learned the opportunities in the region’s various industries are plentiful. This year, our team will return to the CABSAT trade show to continue to build brand awareness and showcase our Emmy Award winning technology.

Our team also attended ONS in Norway for the first time. This show provided an in-depth feeling for the oil and gas industry – and the breadth of it. This show happens every other year, so we won’t be sending anyone to Norway, as far as we know right now, in 2015. We will though, be looking at other oil and gas industry events, with the goals of expanding industry partnerships and adding premier customers to our portfolio. In attending CAPER in Argentina, we learned to rely on and work closely with our partners in the region in order to leverage their experience and local knowledge. Finally, we also learned to check the weather before attending shows after running into some inclement conditions.

With 2015 underway, I hope you’ve enjoyed our look back at some of the tops from 2014. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to mass email this post to my family.