2021… Finally! 

Start the New Year Confident in Your File Transfer Solution 

The holiday season is here and while you may still feel mentally stuck in March of 2020, we can now look forward to a brighter future with 2021 on the horizon. One thing you do not want to drag into the new year is an out-of-date sluggish file transfer solution. With plenty of companies continuing to work remotely, a fast file transfer may now be a necessity for you.

From life sciences to Natural Resources to broadcast media, a fast file transfer solution has a place in the spotlight across a vast number of industries. Your data is important and it keeps your industry flowing. Without its movement, your workflows would drastically taper off, if not halt altogether. This past year you may have found that you couldn’t put your finger on what was slowing your company down, the answer could have been your file transfer service. With FileCatalyst Direct, you would have the potential to accelerate your files up to 10Gbps. 

Since you are already researching file transfer methods, it tells me that you have considered the following or if not, are about to.

  1. What’s your bandwidth?
    • It’s important to realize that no matter the product you choose, if the bandwidth is not there, your transfers will be hindered. Installing a high-speed connection for increased IT efficiency is a large investment. Traditional methods of file transfer are often unable to make the most of fast line speeds, using only a fraction of the connection speed when transferring files. Accelerated file transfer solutions are able to saturate the line, thus fully utilizing and maximizing whatever bandwidth that you have, whether it be 10Mbps or 10 Gbps.
  2. How large are your files?
    • Any organization transferring files with sizes in the gigabytes on a regular basis will experience the common drawbacks of using traditional methods of file transfer. These issues include lengthy transfer times, failed transfers, or file size limitations preventing transfers. Hey! We may have just diagnosed your current transfer issue. Only accelerated file transfer solutions are able to send file sizes into the terabytes effectively and at full line speed.
  3. Where are the files being sent?
    • Sending files across the country or overseas creates unique challenges, you may face significantly slow transfer times and could struggle to manage the overall transfer activity due to high latency and packet loss. File transfer acceleration solutions can act as a central hub to streamline organizational file transfers. They will ensure that global file exchange is fast, reliable, simple, and transfers execute at full line speed regardless of geographic location. MEDIAPRO was challenged with the requirement to deliver fast media file transfer solutions to CONMEBOL viewers globally. FileCatalyst Direct along with the client applications, FileCatalyst Express, FileCatalyst HotFolder, and FileCatalyst TransferAgent, melted away their file transfer struggles.   
  4. How often will I be sending files?
    • Is it a once-off? Are your file transfers predictable or spontaneous? This may seem like a minor factor in deciding on your solution, but it can actually play an important role. If you know that your transfers are project-based, a subscription plan may be what your organization is looking for. This factor doesn’t necessarily dismiss your need for a file transfer solution, but it may alter your pricing model and your expenditure from capex to opex. 


Once you’ve checked all these boxes by answering the questions above, you will have a better understanding of what your organization needs. Chances are if you stumbled across this blog post, you were already looking for these answers, you may have simply not known where to start. Now you can enter 2021 feeling more prepared to seek a solution that matches your workflows’ needs. Ready to start that new year’s resolution early and say goodbye to slow unreliable transfers? The FileCatalyst team is here to assist you. Cheers to 2021, a smoother and more productive year.