As Lauren Bacall famously said, “Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world.” FileCatalyst is anything but a backwards moving company. We are excited to be continually growing with our customers and the rapid advancement of technology. In 2020 FileCatalyst will be celebrating its 20th anniversary as a company and with the New Year creeping around the corner, FileCatalyst’s Chris Bailey (CEO & Co-Founder) and John Tkaczewski (President, CFO & Co-Founder) decided it was time to upgrade FileCatalyst’s headquarters. 

The FileCatalyst Team is proud of the new office environment and expansion. In 2019 alone, we gained 8 new team members and while we are comfortable in our current space it’s getting crowded. Our new modern location is perfect for this growth as well as for future additions to the team. We are looking at this new chapter as an upgrade. 

What do you have to look forward to with our move?

  • Improved Customer Service: Our team is growing and our new spacious location will encourage better collaboration among team members. In return this will allow us to enhance our connection with our customers.   
  • Improved Technology Infrastructure: We have upgraded our server room and will now have room to continue to grow our overall infrastructure.
  • New Initiatives: With a new open space our creativity has spiked. You can expect to see exciting new marketing pieces that will assist you with our products and their features.     

From October 25th-28th FileCatalyst will be in the process of relocating to our brand new office, this means that our support team will be offline. We will be better suited to assist our growing amount of customers from our new location. As we are moving 20 years worth of baggage, there may be operating delays up until November 1st. If possible, please plan accordingly. We look forward to providing you with an amplified level of customer service from our new headquarters. 

If you are currently a FileCatalyst customer and you have any questions or concerns regarding our upcoming offline dates, you can always submit a ticket to [email protected] or contact your Account Rep for any emergencies.