Riding Out the Second Wave | How Fast File Transfer Solutions Share Medical Data

It’s come as no surprise that globally we have been thrown into the depths of the second wave of COVID-19. This pandemic has highlighted many changes for the corporate world, the largest being the need to instill flawless remote workflows. While many companies are still struggling to make this change, the healthcare industry is tuning in to what tools will help them battle the issues at hand. 

The Healthcare industry realizes that to assist in the decline of COVID-19 cases they need to accelerate their research and development efforts while at the same time share their data globally. This needs to happen in a quick, safe and secure manner. Sharing data allows countries to better understand the spread of the virus. By utilizing a fast and reliable file transfer solution, scientists are able to communicate viral trends, potential drug treatments, and vaccine research. 

The second wave has put pressure on research scientists. History has shown us that second waves can result in worse outcomes than the first. The curves are spiking all across the world and anxieties are being heightened. But by allowing data to quickly, securely and efficiently travel across the world we are utilizing an ability that scientists in previous pandemics didn’t have. Global collaboration has already been a game-changer in the war with COVID-19. Through China and Italy sharing their data during some of the first viral spikes, it has helped other countries bunker down and realize how the virus is being spread.

Fast file transfer solutions are out there making a difference in the healthcare industry during a historical point in time. Most of us have not lived to see a time period like this and that is why it is so important for the world to work together remotely to put this fire out. 

As an example, prior to this pandemic, MDDX Research and Informatics found they were hitting speed roadblocks when transferring their biomedical research. Once they evaluated their issue, it was suggested that the best option would be to invest in a fast file transfer solution. FileCatalyst Workflow allowed them to transfer their research globally through online file sharing facilitates. It also gave them peace of mind because FileCatalyst transfers are protected with industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL, to ensure HIPPA compliance.

Many professionals within the healthcare industry believe that the need for fast file transfer solutions will only increase as the pandemic continues, as there will be a constant need for information to be shared among health professionals, research scientists and labs. Not only will the sharing of information help in our current situation, but it will also assist in future potential outbreaks.


When The EU Research & Innovation Magazine asked about the importance of data sharing, Professor Milan Petković, head of data science at the electronics firm Philips stated, “This pandemic taught us some important lessons—first, about the importance and value of data sharing, and secondly that we still need to make further steps to improve.”

It’s clear that fast file transfer solutions are starting to be recognized as an important tool for the healthcare industry. However, there is still a lot of room for growth. We need fast file transfer solutions in the hands of more scientists globally. When the entire world is affected, the entire world needs to come together and share their data.