FileCatalyst had the pleasure of hosting Abdul Ahmed, a grade eleven student from Canterbury high school, for a five month internship internship program. Check out the blog below to read Abdul’s parting thoughts and to get an insight of what it’s like to work with our fast-paced team of tech professionals.
My name is Abdul Ahmed, I am a marketing intern at FileCatalyst, I have been here at FileCatalyst for five months now. In the marketing department and all around this office, people always had their door open to me. Whenever I needed help with anything or had any questions, everyone was more than happy to help, especially my supervisors Gerald and Alan.

I learned a lot of things here at FileCatalyst, huge highlights of the things I learned here is to have a keen eye to detail and the importance of brand consistency and how much it can affect a company’s picture. The number one thing though would be how important little tasks are, you might think a task can be unimportant or unnecessary but from my experience here, every little thing matters to building up a company.

One thing that really made working here at FileCatalyst amazing was how nice and friendly the people I was working with are.

You might think when someone becomes a marketing manager or a vp of business development, they start looking down on people, the people filling these positions at FileCatalyst proved this idea way wrong. Alan Atkinson (VP, Business Development) and Gerald Nelson (Marketing Manager) were both very nice and welcoming, they brought me into this company with open arms and were there for me every step of my internship here. With every task they gave me, I learned something new.
From my experience here, and the work I did, I now know that I am very interested in marketing and plan to pursue it as a career. My supervisor Gerald told me one time that work is something you can enjoy if you come in every day passionate to do it. Work can become something fun that you like doing like a hobby. Working here made me realize that I have a passion for marketing and it’s definitely a career I would like to pursue. I am very thankful to the people here at FileCatalyst who helped me discover this. Today was my last day at FileCatalyst and I say this with all honesty, this placement was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a really fruitful and enjoyable experience and I’m so thankful to the FileCatalyst team for making this such an amazing experience.
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