Master Fast File Transfer Applications

a High-Level Guide to FileCatalyst Direct’s Client Applications

Do you find yourself lost or overwhelmed when it comes to deciphering client applications that fast file transfer solutions have to offer? If so, it’s completely understandable, with names and descriptions varying between each software company. When you dive into researching fast file transfer solutions, you will come to see that each product will have its own unique features and capabilities. Understanding your company’s individualistic wants, needs and workflow are important when selecting a solution. Once you’ve gathered your list you will be able to grasp what client applications will benefit your team’s workflows. Today we are going to breakdown the client applications that FileCatalyst Direct can offer you. 

Get Moving Online 

FileCatalyst TransferAgent:

A browser-based application can benefit your file transfers in many ways. Most importantly is its level of convenience. By adding FileCatalyst TransferAgent to your already existing FileCatalyst Direct product, it provides browser-based accelerated file transfer capabilities without the use of plugins. It provides a pure HTML5 web interface for uploads, downloads and sending email links. FileCatalyst TransferAgent also has a feature-rich REST API that can be leveraged by third-party applications. Essentially making your file transfers a breeze. 

Hot Stuff 

FileCatalyst HotFolder: 

Maybe automating your file transfers is what you’re after? Including the FileCatalyst Hotfolder client in your plan allows replication/synchronization of very large file sets (handles millions of files easily) between multiple locations. It will automate large file transfers worldwide, and will even transfer files as they are growing (e.g. media files as they are being encoded.) Our automation client allows the definition of one or more sites (FileCatalyst Direct Servers), one or more local storage endpoints (local storage, SAN, NAS, etc.), and one or more scheduled tasks to transfer files between them. 

Express Pass 

FileCatalyst Express:

FileCatalyst Express is a straight forward application, it makes the process of transferring your files simple and visible. It’s a two-pane ad-hoc file transfer tool that mimics the functionality of a traditional FTP client. End users browse their local files on the left side panel and their remote files on the right side panel. It’s an easy drag and drop manual process. The files are visibly tracked and transferred in real-time.

Interconnected Integration

FileCatalyst SDK:

FileCatalyst provides many options for integration into third-party applications and workflows. Our SDK boasts a full range of components for a variety of development languages and environments, including Java, C++, .NET, and a full complement of REST APIs. 

The possibilities are endless with solutions that have thought of everything. You are already familiar with the struggles that workflows can face with time strains and remote connectivity, otherwise, you wouldn’t have fallen into this article. One of our goals as a company is to make your options clear. You should walk away from this with a deeper understanding of what it is that your company should be looking for in a file transfer solution. If you are still feeling unsure about your company’s needs, visit our IT Manager’s Guide to Data Migration. There you will find an assessment that will guide you towards the start of your journey. Our team is always standing by if you have any unanswered questions.