When considering a replacement for your FTP Solution, there are a lot of questions you or your team may have. Some answers to those questions are easy, some may take some digging, and some you won’t know the answer to until later on.

Recently I came about a blog that encouraged people who are considering choosing a managed file transfer solution, to consider 4 questions.

  1. Are you buying a technology solution (software) or a bunch of services (people)?
  2. With FileCatalyst, you are buying our technology in the form of software. FileCatalyst can be implemented without the need for additional professional services and can also be customized to meet your requirements. We offer an extensive SDK as well as client tools that can integrate into your existing workflows seamlessly. FileCatalyst can run out of the box and our sales and support teams will guide you through the installation and set up process for free.

  3. Does the vendor solution enable your hybrid cloud infrastructure?
  4. FileCatalyst offers on premise as well as cloud offerings. FileCatalyst partners with major cloud providers to offer cloud based solutions that can be tied in with your local on premise solution. FileCatalyst has features built in to ensure the files get moved around according to the workflows described.

  5. How extensive is the training required to manage and operate the integration platform?
  6. The FileCatalyst products are easy to learn and modular. Each component is properly documented and getting started is simple with our easy to follow quick start guides. Our support team backed by engineering has lots of experience and can help you customize your deployment to make it efficient and easy for users. FileCatalyst provides all the tools needed to make administration easy for the administrators. With extensive reporting functionality, admins are able to know what is going on with their system.

  7. How reliable and capable is support from the vendor?
  8. FileCatalyst is known for its pre and post sales support. We are dedicated to making sure customers are happy and are satisfied with the product. We are also able to offer references to customers who have deployed FileCatalyst successfully within the same vertical.

In addition to this, FileCatalyst understands that when moving away from an FTP (or SFTP) solution, this change cannot be done overnight. Additionally, some of the vendors you work with may not be inclined to install new software to perform file transfers. For this reason FileCatalyst Direct Server offers the ability for 3rd party FTP/SFTP clients to connect in and perform file transfers. FileCatalyst also supports FTPS connections from 3rd party FTP clients.

For more information on the article references in this blog, please visit: https://www.dwg-us.com/blog/the-4-real-questions-to-ask-when-choosing-a-managed-file-transfer-solution/?sthash.AVOasv5C.mjjo.