April has come to a close, spring is finally here in Ottawa, and we can take a moment to breathe and look back on NAB 2015. This year we had our biggest booth ever and sent about a dozen of our FileCatalyst team members to Las Vegas for the show. We thought it would be fun to have a look back at the show from three different perspectives: our president who to has been to every NAB show since 2006, one of our senior staff members, and one of our newest staff members who got to attend the show for the first time.

Aly Essa, Support Specialist

This was my first NAB show and it was probably the most jam packed event I have attended. Over the three day period, the one thing I took away from this whole experience is no matter who you work for and what stresses you encounter on a day-to-day basis, there are people out there that appreciate your work. Meeting the clients I support face-to-face and hearing their concerns was a valuable experience for me. Normally, in your correspondences you are only able to reach out as far as a phone call and are unable to connect face-to-face with the human on the other side. I work with some bright and fun individuals, and being able to show our clients how we interact together and how we operate first hand was an absolute bonus. Now the clients know who we are, how we operate, and what to expect from us.

From start to finish this was a big project and it lived up to the hype for me. Having never been to NAB before, this was an experience I will not forget!

Greg Pettit, Developer

I believe this was my 5th or 6th consecutive NAB, and it was just as exciting as ever. When the show floor opens, there’s an overwhelming sense of energy and activity about it, making it one of the most exciting shows to attend. What stood out for me was our amazing booth presence. We took the approach of “open and inviting”, with very few walls. As soon as I saw our space, I thought, “Yeah. This is going to work.” Space to talk (and breathe), clean and inviting graphics, demo stations that were unobtrusive yet easily available… this all contributed to a feeling that a show attendee could just “pop in” for a great conversation. Which is exactly how it turned out.


John Tkaczewski, President and co-founder

The NAB Show was particularly busy this year with over 100,000 attendees, which is, I believe, a record attendance in the recent years. The FileCatalyst booth has also grown larger than ever before and was humming with activity. Here are a few of my observations from the show:

“Other verticals” – Industries other than broadcasting are taking notice of NAB. I had the chance to talk to visitors from several other verticals, including government, medical, and IT. The expertise gathered by the media industry on how to handle, process, and store large amounts of data is turning heads in other sectors, and NAB is the perfect venue to learn more. Also this year, NAB held a special education track for government and military where I had the pleasure to present about how file transfer needs have crossed over from broadcasters to government and military.

“Near live editing” – File-based workflows are now the norm and there are no more questions about why someone should upgrade to this “not so new” way anymore. However, broadcasters are only now starting to truly leverage all the benefits of file-based workflows, including the ability to edit in nearly real time on growing files. As the content is being saved from the camera to the storage, there is no more need to wait for the complete content acquisition before starting to make edits. Most video editing tools will now allow users to edit growing files, which means that producers can make edits and create highlights, special features, etc. in nearly real time. FileCatalyst has embraced this new way of thinking by providing a very comprehensive support for transferring growing files. Imagine, you can now transfer content in nearly real time from the event to your edit suite, without waiting for the event to be finished or needing to send your edit to the venue. This year at our booth, we demonstrated a complete live production workflow from camera acquisition to remote editing. In the last year we have done several high profile events using our growing file technology, including: the Sochi Winter Games, Super Bowl, and several F1 races. Our demo has gathered a lot of interest and we’re hoping that in the near future we will be assisting broadcasters in even larger sporting events around the world.


“Integration with other broadcast vendors” – Finally, broadcasting manufacturers are coming to the conclusion that cooperating with other vendors in this space is very beneficial to their clients. Most vendors at NAB showed extended partner integration lists and talked about solutions, and not only about their own products. FileCatalyst has completed over 40 partner integrations in the last two years, and our efforts are now bringing some very interesting solutions to the common problems broadcasters have to tackle every day. The presentation theater at our booth this year hosted well over 25 companies and over 30 presenters from all corners of the world, representing different parts of the video production and consumption supply chain.

With over 8000 visitors to our booth this year at NAB, I would like to thank everyone who came by the FileCatalyst booth to meet with us, sit through a presentation, or pick up a t-shirt (Yes! File Transfer Ninjas are cool). I would also like to thank all of the partners who presented at our speaking theater or had a demo pod in our partner pavilion, as well as all of the reporters and bloggers who stopped by. Finally, I want to thank all our staff who went well beyond their regular duties during NAB; your enthusiasm and professionalism were outstanding.

Overall, another great year at NAB. We hope that by now everyone has returned safely from their Las Vegas travels, and all of us at FileCatalyst hope to see you all next year!