Being able to join forces with other businesses is a key factor to growing a successful company. Global partnerships allow us at FileCatalyst to have a greater reach with our products and promote our accelerated file transfer software in areas of the world we couldn’t get to from our offices in Ottawa, Canada. Partnering with value added resellers (VARs) worldwide, allows our partners to focus on reselling FileCatalyst products in vertical markets or in geographical regions where we may not have a local, direct presence.

Take India, for example. India has one of the fastest growing rates of Internet users in the world, and is a rapidly growing market. While India has the second highest amount of Internet users in the world after China – 350 million – it still represents only 19 percent of the country’s population. In fact, recently in an effort to increase internet usage in India, Google has recently announced plans to bring free wifi to more than 400 train stations in India. As more and more people get online and store more data, there will be an increased need for solutions to move that data quickly and securely, which is where FileCatalyst comes in. In order to bring FileCatalyst solutions the Indian market, we work with local partners SRSG and QC InfoTech, who we will be exhibiting alongside with next week at Broadcast India in Mumbai.

FileCatalyst will be exhibiting in booth E-541 with QC InfoTech, who provide end-to-end solutions for media and entertainment workflow solutions, backup and archive storage area network solutions, server implementation, networking and disc storage, and tape library storage solutions. We will also have a presence in SRSG’s booth A-104. SRSG is a pioneer in turnkey solutions, SI for the broadcast industry, and a solution provider for corporate organizations.

At both booth locations, visitors can get a first hand look at FileCatalyst Direct 3.5, the latest release in our Emmy® award winning product line, as well as see the latest generation of our file transfer tools. Additionally, our Indirect Channel Manager, Elton Carneiro, will be speaking on the subject of “Taking Media File Transfers from Days to Minutes”, which will provide a great introduction to our accelerated file transfer software. You can catch Elton’s talk on Thursday, October 1 from 12:00-12:30 pm.

If you are in Mumbai, we would love for you visit us or book a time to meet with us during the show. Hope to see you in India!