Teamwork Makes the Dream Work | How Fast File Transfers Benefit the World of Live Sports

The last several months have turned the world of live sports upside down. It’s only recently that specific sports have been permitted to continue on without a live audience. There is no reason to bore you with the history, but I will state the obvious- since the dawn of time humankind has been obsessive over live sports. So it’s only natural that once the pandemic hit, there was a lot of distress among teams and fans. 

Reruns could only hold audiences’ attention for so long. Team owners knew that the games must go on. That is why – even though there has yet to be a solution for COVID-19, some live sports have returned to our televisions. To name a few, Formula 1, golf and basketball (NBA) are continuing on practically as normal. What you don’t get to see live as an at-home viewer, is all of the chaos that goes on behind the scenes. It takes the proper toolbox of various technologies to get these live sports to appear on the eager viewers’ television screens. If you’ve stumbled this far down the rabbit hole, there is a likelihood that you are employed or involved with the live sports industry. Today it’s my job to expose the importance of having a fast file transfer solution within your toolbox. 

Get that “in-person” feeling: 

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed just how large typical broadcast media file sizes are, and how they got to be that way. It’s true as time goes on we constantly seek higher-quality content. Sports fans are especially dedicated to that goal. With resolutions slowly creeping into the extraordinary clarity of 12K, we are left with massive media file sizes needing to be transferred. Fast file transfer solutions can give you the flexibility to provide your viewers with the highest quality you can deliver. 

Faster than Lewis Hamilton:

When capturing content like formula one racing, there are many different files, formats and resolutions, all of which need to be transcoded and rendered before transferring. This can completely consume your time and result in delayed workflows. With FileCatalyst’s fast file transfer solutions, you can send dynamic MXF video files, and any other format, as it is being recorded or changing, removing significant amounts of downtime from your workflow. Seek out a solution that can offer you 10 Gbps transfer speeds and beyond, the live sports industry requires this to ensure speedy results. 

Fail to plan, plan to fail: 

No matter your involvement in live sports, it’s well known that automation plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to your media transfers. The moment your content is captured, it needs to begin moving through the designated workflows and sent out to audiences. Find yourself a solution that will allow you to create automated transfer tasks. There are solutions available that will even allow you to sync schedules and can be set up to custom intervals.

There’s no “I” in “team”: 

The amount of skilled individuals it takes to successfully present a live sports event is overwhelming. There are many videographers, editors, IT technicians, etc. typically involved in one single event. Having all of these people present at an event during a pandemic is not only costly but potentially impossible. Having a file transfer solution that allows you to keep the editing crew at home and enable a remote editing workflow is not only beneficial but it is a necessity. People capturing the content can send proxy files to the editing crew at multi-gigabit speeds, enabling editors to work from HQ and send finished content back to the location of the event for playout at unprecedented speeds.

Coach your transfers: 

As anyone involved in the live sports industry already knows, there are a lot of moving parts to consider and be aware of when delivering a live event to the masses, and priorities can change in a flash. You’re going to want to ensure that you have a file transfer solution that allows you the ability to view every active transfer, adjust their priority on the fly, initiate node-to-node transfers and view alarms all in one centralized, browser-based location.

Now that you have a heightened understanding of why a fast file transfer solution is a must for your tech toolbox, you may be curious if I have a “next step” for you. The listed items to consider that we discuss in this post, are all available within FileCatalyst solutions. Even better news, you can try our solutions out for free today. Regardless of where you go after reading this post, hopefully, we have assisted you on your journey to enhancing your production workflows.