Unlimi-Tech’s FileCatalyst technology addresses the primary roadblock to large scale, smooth, and efficient transfer of data through the medium of the internet: network latency. Network latency can be likened to a kink or bottleneck in a garden hose. A garden hose is a conduit for water, larger quantities than reasonably possible with a singular cup or bucket fill, with the objective to relay lots of water from point A to point B cleanly and quickly. In our data transfer application, we wish to relay large parcels of data smoothly and quickly. The garden hose, as with the internet conduit, has a finite capacity for carrying its cargo (be it water or data).

When the hose experiences a bottleneck or a kink, its capability to reach the objective of relaying large quantities of water quickly is reduced. The rate of transfer is negatively impacted less water is coming through, so a gardener’s satisfaction and productivity are low while frustration is high. Similarly, a business aiming to efficiently and smoothly transmit data from one location to another through the internet conduit will suffer from frustration, decreased productivity, and possibly experience a negative impact on the bottom line. FileCatalyst’s function is to ensure the rate of flow is optimal at all times: no bottlenecks and kinks causing frustration and no loss in revenue, resulting in only smooth sailing and meeting expectations for delivery.

The only limitation to the data transfer capability is the general capacity of the internet itself. The bandwidth we work with is the overall limitation, just as the diameter of the garden hose limits the overall capacity of the transfer of water. FileCatalyst technology optimizes the flow of data to the ultimate efficiency possible within the parameters of the conduit available.

Unlimi-Tech focuses on providing innovative tools for optimized data transfer. My next blog will move the conversation from the broad to the specific by comparing the inner workings of the FileCatalyst protocol to the dynamics of a face to face conversation between two people.