I am often asked to frame or succinctly explain the purpose and function of Unlimi-Tech software. Over the years, I have amassed a number of go-to analogies that I have found to effectively convey these concepts to anyone interested in understanding our service and product. I find myself recurrently reaching to this handful of analogies to describe our role in the world of business, technology, and communications. I will go into the analogies for the more specific details of how the FileCatalyst software functions and the benefit it offers in my next blog entry, but will focus on the big picture this time around.

General description of Unlimi-Tech: Data Transporter

Think of Unlimi-Tech as a company that builds trucks that pull trailers. Think of the highways our trucks drive on as the Internet (or the information superhighway, if you still remember the 90’s). Think of the trailers as the files our software will send. And finally, think of the truck driver as the system administrator controlling our software.

Some people think of us as a trucking company on the Internet. This is not entirely true because this would imply that we, as a trucking company, will take your goods and move those goods for you, using our own trucks, trailers and drivers. In our case, we only build the trucks and let our customers choose how those trucks are going to be used. The properties of the trucks such as engine size, comfort, safety, efficiency, reliability, and top speed can be directly related to the features and speed of our software. Unlimi -Tech takes data transfer from the horse pulled wagon of yesteryear to the Mack truck of today and beyond – and with constant innovation and continued pursuit of acceleration and refinement, aiming for the light-speed we are all eyeing on the horizon.