Do you send a lot of video content with FileCatalyst Workflow? Want to provide them with a preview of the video file they received? We have a solution for you!

In the latest version of FileCatalyst Workflow v4.9.7, we added the ability to generate a short low-resolution 30-second video preview of the files sent. Recipients can now preview video files sent to them via email. The preview also offers high-speed scrubbing to quickly identify if the video received is the right one. Recipients now have the option to preview and choose the files to download based on what they really need. This saves the recipient from downloading all the files before identifying which one they need.


Here is how this works: A user sends a file or multiple files to a recipient using Workflow. Workflow will generate a low-resolution proxy of the video.

1) The recipient clicks on the download link and accesses the download page to get to their files:


2) Clicking on the preview thumbnail image will show them a short 30-second low-resolution preview of the file. The preview file will have fast scraping enabled allowing the recipient to quickly fast forward or rewind the video.