My name is Kevin Arrieta, and I am completing my grade 12 year at Canterbury High School. This semester I am required to complete a co-op placement, which I am doing with FileCatalyst. Through this placement, I hope to expand my knowledge of marketing techniques, as well as technology in general. I’m only here for one semester, but FileCatalyst has done a great job taking care of me, as well as teaching a lot of important concepts and practices. They are very patient and fully answer all of the questions I bring up. I would recommend any co-op student to come to FileCatalyst for their placement, as it is a great environment to learn about technology and how to market a business.

Tell us about yourself.

So, a little about me. I’m in my grade 12 year at Canterbury High School in the business SHSM program (Business Specialist High School Major) program. This a great business-focused program which has taught me a number of key concepts about running a business. Some of the courses I have taken include Accounting, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. I specifically chose FileCatalyst because they were offering a co-op placement that had a focus on marketing. I was very excited to hear that I was accepted to join the team.

What were your expectations coming into this placement?

Coming into this placement, my initial expectations were, in terms of learning, very little. I started the placement with only a general idea of what I wanted to learn. I did know that I wanted to learn as much as possible about marketing. As I went to my interview for the placement, my supervisor asked me to write 10 things I wanted to learn while attending the placement. This was an opportunity to actually think about what I wanted to gain from this placement.  I wrote things down such as logo design and web development. After figuring out what I wanted to get out of this placement, I started to feel right at home with FileCatalyst.

What have you learned so far?

It has been almost a month since I’ve started at FileCatalyst, and I’ve done quite a lot in that short period. One of the larger projects I undertook was updating the FileCatalyst website’s web pages for our technology partners. That was the biggest learning curve I had faced so far, simply because my supervisor had to teach me almost everything there is to know about web development. I was also unfamiliar with WordPress, which is what FileCatalyst uses to build their website, and that posed challenges. I still have a long way until I finish my placement, and there is a ton of knowledge yet to be taught to me. So, a huge thank you to FileCatalyst for giving me an opportunity to be part of the team.


To sum things up, my knowledge is still growing, and I still have a lot to learn before my placement finishes. The best thing about this placement so far is that I have fun while I am learning all of these concepts and practices. Stay tuned to our blog until the end of my placement, because I will be posting an “in closing”  blog that will explain my final thoughts and the experience as a whole.