The start of a new decade is always something to look forward to, it provides an opportunity for a fresh start, for new ideas and ultimately to reflect upon your growth. We are proud to share that in 2020 FileCatalyst will be celebrating its 20th year as a company. Let’s kick-off the roaring twenties by looking back at some of our most enticing blogs from the 2010s. 

  • 2010:
    As 2010 was the close of the decade that began the Millenium, FileCatalyst was excited to work with CriticalPast. A website that allows the past to be brought into the present. CriticalPast has a library of more than 57,000 historic video clips drawn from government sources and then digitized. FileCatalyst contributed to this important endeavour by being CritcalPast’s first choice for content download acceleration technology. With a global audience, CriticalPast realized the importance of providing its visitors with the fastest download speeds possible. Working with FileCatalyst they protected their customers from drawn out download times and frustration.

    CriticalPast Introduces One of the World’s Largest Online Archives
  • 2012:
    In any field, it’s important to understand the value of a plan. In this specific blog post, we discussed how to implement essential tactics as a developer to strategically map out your coding process. We led you step-by-step through our suggestions and this process reigns true today in 2020. 

    The Importance of Process
  • 2014:
    The year 2014 involved many data breaches and cyber attacks on various industries.  Our blog post titled “What Not to Share” was written at an ideal time to help further educate and protect our current and potential customers. The main focus of this post was to provide information on the safety of free-to-use file transferring websites. We shared that websites of this nature disclaim responsibility for the information being transferred and do not typically implement security measures needed for sensitive information. We listed several types of examples of data that should not be casually sent over free on-line transferring websites.

    What Not to Share
  • 2016:
    The oil and gas industry requires large amounts of geophysical and seismic data to be transferred on a regular basis. Without the right technology to transfer this big data the industry struggles to move forward. Not only is it an effort to move these large files, but oil and gas companies are often located in remote locations, which leaves them without the networks required to send large files fast. In this blog post, FileCatalyst highlights the importance of fast file transfer technology within the oil and gas industry.
     Moving Big Data in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • 2018:
    With any product, it is crucial to break down information to your audience. In 2018 we released a mini-guide to our speed chart within a blog post. It was necessary to highlight how we achieve our rapid transfer speeds. We understand how baffling it can be to take a file that would usually take five hours to transfer, and do it in 8.4 seconds. The post was designed to answer our audiences’ potential questions around our speed chart.

    Making Sense of the Numbers: Breaking Down Our Speed Chart


Glancing back in the rear-view mirror is always a rewarding experience. We have the chance to take a moment and appreciate all of the wonderful customers, channel and technology partners we work with, as well as the stepping stones these past posts placed for our future. At FileCatalyst we are always looking towards the next chapter and we are extremely enthusiastic when it comes to the years ahead. You can expect that this year we will continue to bring you useful information through various forms of content and we cannot wait to show you what we have up our sleeve for 2020. 

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