As a general development principle at FileCatalyst, we are guided by what our customers need from the product. However, we still occasionally indulge ourselves and include small changes to an application based on the simple question, “What’s something *I* would want to see?”

One small feature I’ve wanted to see since FileCatalyst Central was first published is the ability to configure a page view to suit my own needs. With the upcoming release of FileCatalyst Central 3.2, the team managed to find a bit of time to sneak in a feature that’s not likely to be at the center of any press releases. While hovering over the blank space in the title bar of any panel (on desktop computers!), you will see the “crosshairs” cursor appear. Click and drag (or tap and drag for mobile), and you will see a placeholder for where the widget “was”, and gray areas representing potential “targets” for dropping the widget. Each page has “half width” areas as well as top and bottom “full width” areas.

FileCatalyst Central UI in action

Preferences are saved as local preferences (the positions are only saved on the machine being used), and will persist between sessions (for the front-end developers out there, the feature uses the localStorage API, with fallback to cookie storage).

The use case for pages like the “Home”/overview page is fairly straightforward: move the two panels that are most important to you to the top. If you want more width per-column for any individual panel, move it to one of the full-width areas. In a few operations, the application’s initial view will give you exactly what you want to see.

The future will hold further improvements to custom views, but the ability to reorder and resize presents a significant first step!