The summer games are quickly approaching, and we’re now less than 3 months away from one of the largest television events in history. This event will capture the imagination of millions worldwide, resulting in the need to transfer hundreds of terabytes of broadcast coverage from Rio back to every country on the planet throughout the games! This year’s event is taking place in South America, the third least populous continent in the world (after Australia and Antarctica). This means that the majority of the video content will have to travel several thousand miles before reaching its target audience. This long distance translates into every broadcasters nightmare, “network latency”! And without the adequate tools, this latency will result in a unanimous chorus of “oh snap! my network is too slow”!

Brazil as a country is well connected to the Internet, with six high speed fiber backbones (submarine cables), and a projected capacity of roughly 1Tbps (yes that’s 1000Gbps). Most broadcasters will not have a problem provisioning a fast link for the duration of the summer games to send their valuable content back to their home base.

However these fast pipes will inherently have latency, and in turn will not be performing at their maximum capacity unless the broadcasters optimize these pipes for their file transfer requirements using some kind of network acceleration solution (ie not FTP).World-Speed-Chart-v2---Rio-De-Janeiro

With most broadcasters offering HD or 4K, there will be an explosion in media file sizes that will need to be sent from Rio. Sending clips, ISO camera images, replay angles, as well as the ENG style content – up to and including 4K will be a requirement and a challenge for most.

The Emmy® award winning FileCatalyst platform has been used as the file transfer technology in several high profile sporting events, including: Sochi winter games, Super Bowl XLIX, Men’s and Women’s World Cup, several car racing and tennis events around the world. National and regional sports broadcasters can trust FileCatalyst for fast, reliable, secure and efficient file transfer solutions.

Many broadcasters will do some kind of remote editing from thousands of miles away.  The ability for FileCatalyst to plug into most remote editing solutions including Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Avid Media Composer to accelerate the delivery of the HD clips in their workflow is of great value.


With little time left before the opening ceremonies, what are your plans for large media file movement? Have you considered all the options and possible workflows? We are able to help any sized broadcaster with either their long or short term accelerated file transfer needs.

If you are considering using an accelerated file transfer solution, please contact us to learn about our special Rio summer games packages.