In FileCatalyst Workflow and Webmail, admins have the option to create group folders, allowing users to share files and transactions with each other.

However, admins may not want all users in the group to have the same level of access to those files. Based on organizational roles and responsibilities, certain users may only be permitted to upload new content (write permission) and others only to download new content (read permission). And yes, some users should be able to do both. In addition, certain users should be notified of file transfer events occurring in the group*.

This is all possible using FileCatalyst Workflow and Webmail. As an admin, users can create multiple groups which point to the same location on the file system. When creating the first group, you can leave the Path property under Site Information blank; this will cause the system to generate the following path: /public_folders/GROUP_NAME/. Or you can specify a particular path which will be off the root of the FC/FTP user specified in Workflow under FC Servers / Script Execution page. This first group should be a group that has all properties enabled.

For every additional group that points to the same file location, all you need to do is make sure the Path is the same as the first group, and you can then set different permissions. You should also name your groups accordingly to make sure their roles are clear.

For example: if the first group is called “Marketing” (with the path /public_folders/Marketing) and you wish to create a group for users who only upload to Marketing and cannot download files, create a new group called “Marketing_Uploads” and make it point to the same path (/public_folders/Marketing). Then set the group to have write-only abilities.

Once the groups are created, add the users to them and “Voila!”. Access is limited based on users belonging to groups with different settings on the system.

*Event notification is a Workflow-only feature; an event in a group can be one of the following: Create Folder, Rename, Delete File, Upload, Download, Delete Folder, Submitted