“The Wisest Are the Most Annoyed at the Loss of Time”

Fast Data Transferring | a Critical Factor in Life Science

Right now the world unites on a single topic, that research needs to increase and continue to develop in order to fight the ferocious virus COVID-19. With cases rising, researchers are battling projected timelines and global pressure to find vaccines, cures and treatments. What isn’t publicly spoken about is the need to share data at real-time speeds to assist in the research, collaboration, sharing, analysis, clinical trials, of this highly sought after data.

2020 has shone a spotlight on the life science industry and why it requires advanced technology, but today we are going to dissect the necessity to acquire a fast data transfer solution.

Impatience Is Not a Virtue…

Globally, people are becoming increasingly frustrated with forecasted timelines. In a world of instant gratification, we at least expect a solution on the horizon. Instead, we face many unknowns when it comes to this particular virus. Just when we begin to think it is fading, spikes occur and alarms are raised. One certainty is that if researchers fail to cross-collaborate, timelines for solutions will only lengthen. The right data transfer solution will excel the process of collaboration. If we want the freedom to shake hands, hold in-person meetings, and travel to conferences, we need the industry to make the right choices in technology. If your company is still using FTP you are not helping to speed up the process of research collaboration. With solutions like FileCatalyst, researchers will have the ability to monitor their transfers and collaborate globally to ensure they are truly sharing their research as fast as possible. 

Reliability Can Mean Life or Death…

Many organizations continue to waste countless hours of valuable time and resources creating complex transfer procedures. These tedious, repetitive jobs can create bottlenecks in organizational processes. They proceed down this path due to a lack of reliability in their file transferring solution. In the present time of COVID-19, this is literally costing lives around the world. There are fast data transferring solutions that can rapidly change the process of your company’s transferring method. FileCatalyst ensures the security and integrity of data with transfer methods and security features that are fully HIPPA compliant. With a reliable solution that can reach multi-gigabit speeds, medical research workflows can become exponentially faster, more secure and more reliable.  

No Need to Trim the Fat…  

Other industries can only imagine the size of the data that life sciences produce. From multiple terabyte ultra high def microscopic imagery to full genomic sequences taking up hundreds of gigabytes, this crucial information creates massive datasets. It is projected that the amounts of data the industry produces will grow exponentially. Visual Capitalist predicts that in 2021 the global life science market will increase to almost $25 billion, this will create an explosion in big data. The industry will further explore predictive health intelligence and other various smart tactics to advance productivity. Using out of date data transferring methods will slow these methods down. Solutions need to be explored to cut your transfer times in half, not your data. When the right data transfer solution is selected you can transfer millions of files in seconds. 

2020 is a year of alteration, a year of learning and year of growth. The life sciences industry understands that big data will play a role in their workflows now more than ever. If your company is behind on their transferring processes, now is the time to come up to speed. Time is a precious commodity, there is no need to waste it.