Explore The Right File Transfer Solution

Your media files are evidently growing, so what are the next steps you need to take? FileCatalyst is happily here to guide you through our products and highlight why you need a fast file transfer solution in your life.  

Are you noticing a lag in your productivity? Are your teams spread out globally and struggling to simultaneously share multiple projects? You probably already know that something is missing from your toolbox of dynamic gadgets and that is how you stumbled down this rabbit hole. 

Listen, we do not want to overwhelm you with information. Our goal is to simply inform you of your options and show you how FileCatalyst products can easily elevate your daily tasks and melt away some of the larger stresses coming down your pipeline. 

Whether you are a start-up organization or an enterprise, FileCatalyst solutions are completely flexible to your needs. Our solutions tackle large file transfers across all industries and If you’re looking for a solution that is simple to install and comes with outstanding support, then you are on the right track with our products. 

FileCatalyst provides software-based solutions designed to accelerate and optimize file transfers across global networks. Being immune to packet loss and latency, FileCatalyst can send files much faster than methods such as FTP, HTTP or CIFS, while adding security and reliability. We understand that upgrading your solutions could be a time-consuming process of approvals on your end. That is why joining the FileCatalyst customer family can begin with free trials for our flagship product, FileCatalyst Direct or our web-based solution, FileCatalyst Workflow. 

Let’s break it down more thoroughly because we want you to have a complete understanding of our products and what services they can offer you. 

FileCatalyst Direct is the mothership of all of our solutions, FileCatalyst Direct is the most frequently considered as it was the first of our products to be based on the UDP protocol, which provides a mechanism that allows data to be transmitted at precise rates. This solution is a suite of server and client applications that enable point-to-point accelerated file transfers at speeds of 10Gbps and beyond.

Web-based platforms are constantly growing in popularity due to their convenience, FileCatalyst Workflow is a solution that will simplify your transferring process, but give you the same powerful results as FileCatalyst Direct. FileCatalyst Workflow is deployed entirely on machines that you control, you can choose whether to deploy on-premise or on managed/cloud servers.

Want to be completely on top of your large file transfers? FileCatalyst Central has got you covered. Add on this web-based monitoring solution to view and administer your entire FileCatalyst Direct and FileCatalyst Workflow deployment.  

In a recent report, 94% of our customers would highly recommend FileCatalyst solutions. We understand that your large data is important and our support team will be there for you every step of the way. If you’re still not convinced about our solutions, let our newsletter help you out further. Subscribe for free today and never miss a release or new product information. We look forward to connecting with you further on your path to workflow growth.