Dropbox File Transfer: How FileCatalyst Can Help

Discover the FileCatalyst and Dropbox file transfer partnership and learn how it can help your organization move files to and from Dropbox more efficiently.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a file hosting and sharing service used both as a personal cloud storage solution and as a file collaboration tool for businesses. It supports most types of files, including text, video, graphics, and audio.

Because Dropbox is cloud-based, you can use it from anywhere. This makes it a top choice for those who work from home or on location rather than in the corporate office. There’s no need to VPN into your central office before accessing your files; as long as you have the login information, you can access any data shared with you. This also makes it an especially attractive option for file sharing: simply upload your files (even large ones) and share the permalink with your collaborators to facilitate handoff.

While Dropbox was initially created for personal use, its growth as a business file sharing tool has included feature upgrades and better security. Still, its main function is as a storage and collaboration platform, not a file transfer solution.

What is Dropbox Transfer?

Dropbox is a file sharing solution, but additional product Dropbox Transfer offers the ability to easily and securely send files via email or shared link.

Read on to see how FileCatalyst helps accelerate Dropbox file transfers.

What is FileCatalyst?

FileCatalyst is a fast file transfer solution that offers a suite of file acceleration applications that allow for transfers to and from anywhere at unparalleled speeds. FileCatalyst’s suite of solutions all help to overcome slow file transfer issues, including with large files, large distances, and networks experiencing high latency or packet loss.

Offering three main solutions and multiple support features, FileCatalyst is the number one choice for moving large files quickly, reliably, and easily. Based on the UDP protocol, which provides a mechanism for transmitting data a precise rates, FileCatalyst improves upon everyday transfer protocols by moving multiple blocks at once, recovering from lost packets, and giving admins more insight into file movement overall.

How FileCatalyst Accelerates Dropbox File Transfers

“We’re thrilled to partner with FileCatalyst to help our joint customers, who rely on UDP for their post-production workflows, deliver high-quality content right from within Dropbox.”
— Andy Wilson, Media Principal at Dropbox

FileCatalyst and Dropbox have partnered to bring the best of file sharing and file acceleration to customers using both tools. The partnership gives Dropbox users the ability to accelerate file transfers, monitor, administer, and report with FileCatalyst. Using OAuth, the integration is easy and secure.

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With FileCatalyst, you can leverage UDP accelerated file transfers within Dropbox to expedite your files to or from Dropbox. This helps alleviate and reduce transfer bottlenecks, as FileCatalyst can transfer very large files into and out of Dropbox quickly, as well as make files stored in Dropbox available to outside users for extra-fast download.

Benefits of using FileCatalyst for your fast file transfer with Dropbox include:

  • Automatically transferring multiple files at one with just one transfer put in place
  • Selecting priority files during batch transfers
  • Sending external users links that allow for fast download directly from Dropbox
  • Receiving large files
  • And more!

FileCatalyst + Dropbox File Transfer Use Cases

Work from Home

Whether you’ve been working from a home office for thirty years or only do so on flexible Fridays, Dropbox and FileCatalyst’s integration can improve both your everyday and ad-hoc workflows. Being able to move files more quickly means that both senders and recipients spend less time prepping, troubleshooting, and waiting, and more time working. This improved efficiency is especially helpful for managing large files, like videos and photoshop files, as well as working with the reduced bandwidth that most non-commercial workspaces have in place.

Broadcast & Media

One of the industries most helped by FileCatalyst and Dropbox’s integration is the broadcast and media industry. FileCatalyst, an award-winning staple for live sports and media production, further allows broadcasters and video producers to quickly deliver content stored in Dropbox to commissioners and channels thanks to the integration.

Accelerate Your File Transfers with FileCatalyst + Dropbox

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