It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that the Covid-19 virus has spread globally, but ensuring your business remains at full-speed throughout this turbulent time period will have a crucial impact on your company’s success. 

There are preparations you can take to help you with potential delays. Having a fast file transfer solution in place during this stressful time can enhance your workflow significantly. Below are five key preparations you can take to protect your company right now. 

Steps you can take through incorporating FileCatalyst Solutions: 

  • Beef Up Your Automation

    During this outbreak, automation should become an essential consideration for your company.  Why? It can provide you with substantial relief knowing that your transfers are scheduled and will be reliably deployed.With FileCatalyst Direct Server acting as your core application, and FileCatalyst HotFolder as the automation tool, setting up and configuring automated transfer tasks is effortless.To better grasp the automation features within our solutions, FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President John Tkaczewski demonstrates in our webinar, Things to Consider when Automating File Transfers, just how easy, reliable and fast automating your file transfers can be when leveraging FileCatalyst Direct Server and FileCatalyst HotFolder.
  • Fast Transferring To Any Location

    Speed is an essential consideration when selecting a file transfer solution, but with the ongoing pandemic, it is an even greater consideration. Your transfer locations could change from popular hubs to remote locations very quickly and without warning. Using FileCatalyst solutions as a file transfer solution can provide your organization with accelerated transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps, which is 100x faster than the commonly used FTP protocol. No matter your process, if you are transferring large files, FTP is incapable of providing you with acceleration. Your solution’s transport technology should be based on UDP protocol. This mechanism allows your data to be transmitted at precise rates without compromise.
    • Files2U is a FREE file sharing service powered by FileCatalyst. During this challenging time, FileCatalyst has increased the file sending limit to 40 files per user account (6GB total). We will also hold onto your files for an extended time period of 72 hours, this will provide your downloaders with more time to access the transferred files. Try it out today!
  • Track Your Data

    Regardless of the situation, you do not want to misplace your files. It is important to have the ability to track your data across its journey otherwise, you will have to put in more effort than necessary to confirm your file reaches its destination. There are solutions that have the ability to insert files into your organizational workflow as soon as they are submitted. Research solutions that track every file’s progress throughout your organization, this assures that no files are left behind.
  • Remote Collaboration

    Understandably, many organizations will be switching to online operations for the duration of Covid-19 outbreak. Having the ability to collaborate remotely is important due to the strong recommendation from various governments to self-isolate. There are solutions to support your new initiatives and to keep everyone safe.
  • Have a Secure Solution

    With a large portion of your data now being transferred offsite, you are naturally going to be concerned about security. You should only consider solutions that offer industry-standard encryption using AES and SSL. These specifications will save you from worrying about the safety of your files.

If you take into consideration all of our suggested procedures, you are bound to have an easier time managing your business during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

This situation has affected us all. Due to the NAB Show cancellation, we will be taking our demonstrations online. Follow us @FileCatalyst and sign up to our newsletter to receive further updates.