For good or for bad, the popular NetFlix television show, Black Mirror has global audiences overwhelmed with the future possibilities for technology. The show’s creators appear to have sought out the most extreme plotlines around technological threats, leaving us with digital nightmares. While Black Mirror mainly tackles the negative aspects of the potential advancement in technology, it does highlight the benefits as well. 

Black Mirror creates an easily imaginable future. This makes nearly every episode feel realistic, which is all the more concerning. In one of our latest blogs “The Future – Change is Imminent” we discuss the expected changes that will affect fast file transfers. This ties together the importance of data protection for these new predicted formats of content while highlighting opportunities to plan our future data protection methods. The following are reasons to consider new solutions:   

  1. New devices require safe and secure transferring methods:
    According to Vernon Turner, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Systems at IDC, by 2025, approximately 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. These devices are being developed at a rapid pace, they have new capabilities, which in turn lead to new potential threats. In Black Mirror’s season three finale, we see a prime example of what the future can hold in terms of the live transferring of data from futuristic handheld devices. The character lives in an advanced world where she is only socially accepted by sharing her life through continuous streams of content. The intimidating feature of this episode is that the world is currently proceeding in this direction, with a neverending stream of content from newly developed devices. With this in mind, as new devices enter the market there will be a stronger need to regularize secure and reliable content transfers.
  2. A multitude of new categories of content being transferred simultaneously:
    There will be an influx of new formats of data due to new devices entering the market. Whether you are transferring data for personal or professional needs, securely transferring it will become a necessity to you. Black Mirror’s season four episode, Arkangel, shows audiences the possibility of new privacy breaching devices. A microchip is created to insert into humans so that their location, visuals and thoughts can be tracked and transferred to other devices. While this type of content may not be on the horizon at the moment, we cannot dismiss the possibility for content of this nature. We can relate this live and tracked content to the current and more simple topic of live sports. Live sports require large amounts of data to be transferred simultaneously from different locations. They require a solution to get their data to the customer quickly and securely.
  3. Rushed to the cloud:
    In all of Black Mirror’s episodes, there is the overarching topic of the cloud. The cloud is essentially how all of the different plots evolve. No matter what the key subject is within an episode, all of the technologies need to host their data in the cloud as their content would be too large to be hosted anywhere else. The cloud is consistently growing in popularity. It’s crucial to find a data protection solution that will provide fast, reliable and secure transfers to the cloud.

At FileCatalyst we are excited about the odd and liberating changes in technology. Black Mirror is an intense visual of potential threats and while we wouldn’t promote these plotlines, the dissection of the technology behind them is an interesting factor that will affect the world of fast file transfers. Our solutions are growing with these changes, you can discover more here.