The broadcasting industry is intricate enough without having to manage your data, that is why most companies utilize Media Asset Management tools (MAM). Each company has its own checkboxes that need to be met when choosing a MAM tool and features to assist it. While it can be an overwhelming task to organize your tool accordingly, it is important to consider all of the ways fast file transfer solutions can help you. 

Fast file transfer solutions can:    


Your content delivery times can occasionally be placed at the bottom of your priority list, but it is actually a critical portion of successful workflows. When Primestream realized they needed to accelerate their MAM they integrated with FileCatalyst. The Broadcasters and media professionals who were using Primestream FORK for automation and/or asset management were looking to increase the ingest and distribution speeds of their file-based media assets. When they integrated with FileCatalyst they noticed that FileCatalyst’s protocol offers incredible speed gains versus traditional methods, allowing transfer speeds up to hundreds of times faster than FTP. The process is also massively scalable due to it being immune to speed degradation caused by packet loss and latency.


When working with a team, synchronization is crucial. Having the ability to be at different locations, but logged in to the same tool is a benefit to most teams. When Evolphin partnered with FileCatalyst and moved forward with FileCatalyst Direct, they noticed it complimented their powerful video proxy workflow and found that this integration allows their users to trigger FileCatalyst-powered transfers within Zoom (Evolphin Forms platform) to move high-res media either on demand or on ingest, keeping content across multiple locations in sync. This allows video editors to work remotely with media and to access the full resolution versions. 


With a multitude of media assets in different formats, the ability to extract and manage your data efficiently is an important benefit to have in your back pocket. Within the broadcasting industry, there is a never-ending flow of data being transferred and with new formats and format sizes being created every day, keeping track of this data and moving it to archives has proven to have a positive production impact on companies. Having a solution that has APIs and transfer speeds that can deliver content to any storage location is definitely a perk. Certain solutions also offer the ability to set you up with storage options. This makes it a convenient one-stop-shop for your increased MAM needs.  

When you are able to deliver convenience to your customers your sales and satisfaction levels will increase. For many companies content delivery is difficult subject to speak about, but if you take the time to assess what you need to thrive, your check boxes will match the above list. To be successful in today’s competitive industry, your MAM tool is likely to require all of the benefits spoken about in this blog post. Don’t be left behind with slow file ingesting, research and discover the best solution for you.