U.S. Captioning Company

FileCatalyst has saved us time, which has increased our productivity and decreased stress, all of which provide a cost savings to the company. I am also pleased to say that every interaction with a FileCatalyst team member has been wonderful. Everyone has been friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt in communication.

Leading The Way

Overall, we have been able to reduce transfer times and dedicated man hours by transitioning from FTP to FileCatalyst, saving us both time and money.


Our team has reliably used FileCatalyst Workflow for transferring biomedical research data for over 4 years now. The tool has contributed greatly to the advancement of science by aiding in the collection and secure transfer of literally thousands of patients records from hospitals as far away as India and Egypt. The unique features of FileCatalyst Workflow allowed us to move data from internet-restrictive countries such as Qatar and China without issue.

Aberdeen Broadcast Services

FileCatalyst provided exactly the products and tools we needed to build Aberfast, our digital video file delivery service. Their support and responsiveness is absolutely the best.

TV 2 Norway

FileCatalyst has been a great resource for us. Heading into World Cup, the world’s most watched sporting event, it made sense to rely on software with a proven track record in sports production workflows.


The first benefit we noticed after implementing FileCatalyst was more control over our transfers and a dramatic speed improvement – we are finally able to use our 10 Gbps link to its full extent.

Express Media Group

Accelerating file transfers in a secure and reliable manner has given us the ability to maximize our bandwidth, and the mobile application has provided a major advantage over our competition. We couldn’t be happier with FileCatalyst.


We now have one way to deliver files to all users regardless of the variables. FTP is officially dead. Thank you, FileCatalyst.


Before FileCatalyst, our file transfers used to take 1–2 days. Now they are done in hours. No other products we tested came close.

Bell Media

Our file transfers are now much faster and more secure than with our previous server. We also needed a new, simpler approach to file transfer that users of any level could understand and FileCatalyst was able to deliver that.

Travel Channel

The issues we were experiencing using FTP to transfer our files including lengthy and incomplete transfers and poor asset management were immediately solved with FileCatalyst. FileCatalyst sinks its teeth into the line to ensure the file gets to where it needs to go on time.


FileCatalyst stood out from the competition by providing all the features we needed, and at a competitive price. Their assistance in getting us up and running, as well as their continued support, has been exemplary.

United Nations, UNIFEED

Aside from the speed gains, we found FileCatalyst to be a much more reliable and resilient method of file delivery over an FTP application. The improved file transfer has enabled us to cover more up-to-date situational reports on the field because the turnaround time in bringing in these reports and materials was drastically reduced.

British Film Institute

The biggest benefit of FileCatalyst has been the ability to send large file sizes quickly and allowing outside parties to send files to us, without the hassle of being limited to file size. The BFI is now able to transfer files securely, without risking compromised or leaked files during transit and it’s easy to add and manage multiple users.

Tata Communications

Since using FileCatalyst, we have seen a marked improvement in file transfer rates. We were impressed with FileCatalyst’s architecture and the team’s willingness to work with us to tailor their product to meet the needs of our customers.


FileCatalyst offers a streamlined interface to transfer files online without burdening our corporate email servers. It’s a powerful solution that fits our needs perfectly


FileCatalyst takes the work out of file transfers to allow us to focus on the core aspects of our business.

Grey Juice Labs

We have customers all around the world and it is critical to be able to transfer and deliver the files as fast as possible, which is why we chose FileCatalyst.