Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (this is a subtle reminder guys), and while here at FileCatalyst we aren’t in the business of chocolates and flowers, we thought this would be a great time to share five of the things that we have been loving lately. While not a complete list, these are some of our biggest office loves:

    1. Our Emmy Award

      The FileCatalyst team is still on a high from our recent Engineering and Technology Emmy® Award win. The Emmy® has been given a prominent place in the reception area of our office, after being photographed with each of our staff members at our recent Emmy party! If you missed our big announcement, there has been lots of coverage in local papers, a couple press releases, and some blog posts. Read all about our team accepting the award in Las Vegas, and find out first-hand what it’s like to win an Emmy.

    2. Our customers

      At FileCatalyst, we love helping our customers find the best accelerated file transfer solution to meet their needs. In fact, we’re so dedicated we continue to add to our team in order to help each of our customers in the best possible way.

      Our priority is on the customers, who range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. Whether it’s media and entertainment, healthcare, oil and gas, or one of the many more industries we work with, we value these relationships, the feedback we receive from them, and the people. Appreciating every one of our customers has made FileCatalyst what it is today.

      If you’re interested in reading about some of our customers, read some of our case studies, available on our website.


  1. Our partners

    FileCatalyst has partners worldwide. Some of them integrate our technology solutions into their own, in order to provide a more custom solution while enhancing technologies, while others distribute our accelerated file transfer solutions.

    Our business development team is constantly hard at work, building new alliances to help achieve customer satisfaction across the globe. As a company, we see and value the importance of strong partnership as a key to our continued success.

  2. Trade shows

    Our team travels the globe, racking up air miles, meeting interesting people, and demonstrating our suite of products. This winter, you will be able to find us in London, England at BVE, in Dubai at CABSAT, and in Las Vegas for the NAB Show.

    The best part about all this travelling? The people who stop by our booths! We really enjoy meeting all the people who swing by to talk file transfers, our solutions, and our partners. We also like the people who stop by for the free stuff. So if you get the chance, stop by and say hello!

  3. Yoyos

    Yes we are talking about the round toys you think you played with as a kid. It’s not always all work, no play here at FileCatalyst.

    Let me explain, our office has a yoyo club, but they aren’t playing with yoyos you can pick up at the dollar store. The members are performing tricks, creating moves, and just showing off using specialty crafted pieces of machinery. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great way for our staff to de-stress and come up with the next big idea!

    Finally, we love our friends and families who are supportive when we’re off travelling the globe, spending time with our customers and partners, and when we’re working like crazies to win an Emmy. Maybe it’s a good thing we have a Family Day long weekend in Ontario this weekend so we can spend time recharging and relaxing with those we love.