2020: A Time for Flexible Payment Options

Imagine, it’s 2019 and you have just been asked to provide a detailed revenue forecast for your company in 2020. The truth is that in many cases, those projections would not be remotely close to the actual results 2020 would bring. 

The demand to collaborate, share data and ultimately transfer data at accelerated speeds locally and globally has only increased with companies being forced to work remotely. However, there are plenty of solutions that do not offer the flexibility that companies need when it comes to licensing and payment options during this shaky year. The year 2020 has crippled many companies, the right solution providers understand that and want to help you where they can. 

That is where a SaaS licencing option comes into play. This subscription-based model is extremely sought after this year. This model offers companies the ability to customize their payment plan to fit their needs and budget. FileCatalyst Spaces is a unique solution that is a fully managed and hosted fast file transfer service. It allows companies to share files at full line speeds using FileCatalyst’s patented UDP based fast file transfer technology. 

Many people may not yet be familiar with SaaS solutions or may not fully grasp what SaaS means. SaaS simply means software-as-a-service. It’s a product/solution purchased on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It has also been known as “on-demand” software. These types of offerings make it simple for companies to plan out their workflows. Also by having a solution that avoids the need for a permanent commitment/infrastructure and dedicated staff, it allows your company to allocate resources (capital and human) to other areas. This also provides the freedom to assess your future budgets and resource requirements.

A fast, secure and reliable file transfer solution is a staple for many industries, who need to move large files and data sets at accelerated rates to keep up with workflow demands. The conflict is the budget cuts that came along with 2020. With FileCatalyst Spaces, you are getting the best of both worlds. A flexible licensing model, a predictable and affordable method of payment and a solution that has all of the benefits of an on-premise enterprise solution. 

It’s important when considering a file transfer SaaS solution to do your research. There are companies out there that layer multiple charges and overages without a clear statement of understanding. Other solutions are “too hands-off” and “self-service” that it is nearly impossible to speak to a human about the solution itself. In times that are uncertain, you do not want to be left in the dark about your solution choices. Companies need enterprise solutions without enterprise costs, and that is completely understandable. 

With the right fast file transfer solution in your back pocket, you should be able to customize its abilities. Need support? You should be able to easily add it to your plan and then be able to get the required support offering you peace of mind. Want to create public file transfer portals? Send large files by email? Create corporate collaboration spaces? Create custom ingest templates? This should be a simple extra to add as well. Don’t settle for a solution that doesn’t match your needs. SaaS solutions and products were created to alleviate stress on companies, they shouldn’t be stretched out by complicated plans. 

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