Tips & Tricks: Internet Explorer and FileCatalyst Applets

by , December 3, 2012

When a FileCatalyst applet is loaded in a user's computer the Internet Explorer 9 may show following warning: "FileCatalyst wants to use an old version of java (1.6.0_18) that is not installed on your system. We recommend running this application with the latest version of Java on your computer".

This is caused by IE not being not able to properly interpret certain components of JavsScript code. To fix this problem a small change should be made to applet configuration file (for example fcdownload.js).

Open configuration file in a plain text editor and find section with IF statement. The statement will have two meta tags: "<OBJECT name=......" and "<APPLET name=". The IF statement should be modified to use only <APPLET> tag.

Find section with IF statement. It may look like this one:

Comment out all sections of IF statement except:

So your code will look like this:

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