The product you don’t even know you need.

by , March 4, 2009
Yes, it is a cliché but seriously, you need FileCatalyst and you probably don’t even know it. I am obviously biased since I wrote a lot of the back end to FileCatalyst and have been "drinking my own kool-aid" for a while now. But haven’t you ever bought something and then a few months later you think back and wonder how you ever lived without it? Now I am not saying this will be the case for everyone with FileCatalyst, but I can certainly tell you in which scenarios FileCatalyst would make you ask that very question: First scenario: You are an IT person, and you maintain the company’s file transfer system. The company is a multi-national, with branches all around the world. You have to make sure mission critical files make it from A to B, and make sure it happens as quickly as possible. You have a lot of issues with network interruptions, and then you need to resend the files. Or even worse, the interruptions leave you with corrupt files. Second scenario: you are once again… an IT person, but you only have to move a few files between locations. However, your files are several GB in size—maybe even hundreds of GB. Your company has spent a lot on a high speed internet link, but for some reason the transfers are still slow. Not only that, but you still experience the odd disconnect here and there, and lose several hours of time because you need to start the transfer over again. If this sounds like you, you have to try FileCatalyst because you could save yourself and your company a lot of time and a lot of money. First of all, FileCatalyst’s speed is second to none. If you want to maximize that high-speed link your company is paying for (or considering purchasing) you need a product like FileCatalyst to get the full return. Trying to use FTP as a transfer solution will never let you use the full bandwidth the way FileCatalyst will. When it comes to reliability, FileCatalyst also leads the way with its robust retry and checksum features. It will hammer those files across the network in the minimum possible time, even with a ridiculous number of dropped connections. Usually, you have to realize you have a problem first before even looking for a product like FileCatalyst. Maybe you're resigned to the mistaken idea that your current solution is the only one out there. If I've helped you see that you might need an alternative like FileCatalyst, why not take it for a spin? Download our entry-level offering to jump right in, or better yet contact us to start a trial of any FileCatalyst product. Chris

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