Outlook Plugin logo The FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin uses your organization's instance of FileCatalyst Workflow to enable large file transfer without leaving Microsoft® Outlook™. If your organization uses FileCatalyst Workflow for distribution as well as submission, the Outlook plugin makes the process even easier.

A Revolution in Outlook™ File Attachments

Users have become accustomed to attaching files to their emails, not really knowing (or caring) that email was never meant for file transfer. Mail servers are heavily burdened, and users become frustrated when their files are too large to attach.

With the FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin, “attachments” of several gigabytes are no longer a problem since files are not literally attached. Knowing they have large files to send, the user simply clicks a “Send Files” button in Outlook and fills out a form in the same way they'd compose an email, including entering recipient email addresses. The recipient gets an email with a link to their files, and the transaction is completed.

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Hundreds of Files? Entire Directory Structures?

Send them effortlessly.

The FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin will let the end user send multiple files and entire folder trees. Directory structure is maintained on the Workflow server and then reproduced on the recipient's side. Even if your files are small enough for standard attachment, Outlook isn't designed to handle directory trees. The FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin is.

Background Transfers

The FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin launches a background agent that delivers files while the user is free to do other things in Outlook. Need to shut down your computer before your large transfer is complete? Lost connectivity? The background agent will handle it.

Unlike “other” Outlook plugins, the agent running in the background will stubbornly fight through even the most unstable connections, delivering files of any size even if it takes days. The user is not stuck waiting for completion, and can easily check the status through a System Tray icon.

Real Tracking of Recipient Downloads

Once the files are sent via the FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin, the sender can log into FileCatalyst Workflow and view a complete delivery report tracing attempted and successful downloads. Additionally, email notifications advise the sender that transfers are complete.

Why “real”? Two features set our tracking system apart:

  1. FileCatalyst Workflow will perform MD5 verification to make sure that the delivered files are intact. Only once the files are downloaded and the verification has been completed is the transfer tracked as successful.
  2. FileCatalyst Workflow tracks who specifically downloads the files. Outlook by itself cannot track receipt of attachments, and other plugins provide links that could be used by anybody. For security and accountability, a generic “downloaded X times” message doesn't even come close to “mycontact@email.com downloaded your package on April 2, 2010.”

Synchronize with Outlook Address Book

Use all the same Outlook contacts to select the desired recipients. The plugin will synchronize with local contacts as well as Global Address Book Contacts contained in the Exchange server.

Dynamic Forms

The forms used by the Outlook plugin are dynamic. As the administrator makes changes on the server side, users are kept up-to-date automatically. The new form is automatically fetched at the beginning of their next transfer.

Auto-Resume Broken Transfers

Inevitably, a transfer will be interrupted by forces beyond your control. Network connectivity might drop or some other circumstance might otherwise take your computer offline. With most other file transfer methods, when this happens you are doomed to start over again. With the FileCatalyst plugin, when Outlook is restarted, the transfer will automatically resume and produce a valid, integrity-checked file at the end.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Office with Outlook, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Administrator Privileges to Install the application
  • 2Gb Memory
  • 120Mb of free disk space
  • High speed Internet connection


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