FileCatalyst Webmail Pricing

Pick your license in 3 steps:

Step 1 Pick the type of pricing you want: Perpetual or Leased.
Step 2 Pick your Add-ons: Outlook, HotFolder or SDK
Step 3 Decide to bundle your purchase with FileCatalyst Direct, for acceleration.

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Pricing for FileCatalyst Webmail with unlimited end user connections

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License Type


Price (USD)

  • Monthly or annual leased license, with no up-front capital expense
  • Technical Support and Upgrades included
  • Cost of Hardware and Bandwidth, not included
$399* / month or $4499 per year
  • Ownership, with perpetual license
  • Technical Support and Upgrades included for the first year, 20% per year afterwards (optional)
  • Cost of Hardware and Bandwidth, not included
$7,500 one time fee.
Bundle with Direct (for acceleration) Starting from $12,500 including 45 Mbps Direct license Contact Sales

* Monthly payments based on minimum 6-month initial commitment.

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Client Connectivity Options

Web Browser

In FileCatalyst Webmail, the main connectivity tool, is the web browser.

Visit our Product Details to learn about FileCatalyst Webmail.

HotFolder Automation

Used by Hosted, Leased and Perpetual packages, HotFolder is a desktop application that may be installed at the client side. With HotFolder, set up one or more “watched” folders, which transfer new or changed files automatically. HotFolder has rich filtering and bandwidth scheduling capabilities, along with a number of other tools to fully control your file transfer.

Unlimited distribution of the HotFolder, is onetime add-on fee of $2,000.00

Visit our Video Tutorials page to learn about installation and configuration

Outlook Plugin

The FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin uses your organization's instance of FileCatalyst Webamil to enable large file transfer without leaving Microsoft® Outlook™. See Outlook Plugin for more details.

Outlook Plugin is included with all the licenses of FileCatalyst Webmail

SDK (Programming Interface)

Using Java programming language you can submit files to FileCatalyst Webmail programmatically. You can use the API to automatically send files from other Java applications or Batch/Shell scripts. For example: A reporting engine could automatically send generated report files to all the recipients after the creation of the report is complete. The recipient pick-up is tracked the same way as any other transaction submitted via the web browser. The API is an additional option and doesn't come with the default FileCatalyst Webmail license.

The SDK is a one-time fee add-on at $2,000 USD