Webmail vs. Workflow Comparison

FileCatalyst Workflow and Webmail are web applications that have some similarities but serve fundamentally different purposes. Webmail solves the problems of file distribution and large email attachments (ie. one-to-many), while Workflow solves distribution problems and also ingestion/submission problems (ie. many-to-one). Every feature in Webmail is available in Workflow but not vice versa.

Acceleration technology is optional in both products, and may be purchased separately. The comparison of both packages is outlined below:

End User Features

Feature Webmail Workflow
Web portal to send or share files including any additional META information
Email notifications for successful or failed transfers
No file size limitation
Resume interrupted transfers
Transfer entire folder structures
Secure transfers using SSL & AES
Automatic connection detection with HTTP fallback
Ability to send files to multiple locations or FTP sites
Drop-box file area functionality
Invite guest users
HotFolder desktop application for scheduling and automation. Optional Optional
Accelerated file transfers Optional Optional


Administration Features

Feature Webmail Workflow
Web-based administration console
Custom look and feel with your own branding
Transaction tracking and activity log
Automatic cleanup of jobs & users
Real-time tracking of file transfers
Multiple admin account levels
User-initiated guest accounts
Fine-grained bandwidth controls


Users and Groups

Feature Webmail Workflow
User groups
File Area (Drop-boxes) for groups
Secure anonymous accounts
FC or FTP Server assignment
Ability to set the file transfer protocol
Automatic email notifications when a contents of a group folder changes
Isolate Groups


File Distribution

Feature Webmail Workflow
Ability to send files to any email address
Global and personal address book, with auto-complete
Track Downloads
Rules based distribution
Customize recipient emails for group or order forms
Send files to other users in the system
Send files to system groups


File Submission / Ingestion

Feature Webmail Workflow
Custom order forms
Customizable job status levels with time stamping
Customizable target path for the content
Collect additional details per file



Feature Webmail Workflow
Microsoft Outlook™ Plugin
LDAP/Active Directory integration
Global Address Book can be synchronized with LDAP/AD
Use 3rd party SQL database
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Script Execution
Store job information to XML
Store job information to PDF
Java API Optional Optional


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