On-Demand Hosting

Don't own a server? Consider FileCatalyst as a service

Cloud IconFileCatalyst Direct and Workflow are available as a service. There is no hardware or infrastructure required; let us take care of the installation and maintenance of your FileCatalyst deployment.

Need to control your data?

Globe IconNot every organization can keep its data on the cloud; Our hosted version of FileCatalyst Workflow can connect to any FileCatalyst Direct or 3rd party FTP(S) server. In this scenario, the FileCatalyst Workflow application is hosted by us but all data is stored on your server.

Already own a server?

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Hosted Pricing

Based on unlimited connections with shared bandwidth. All pricing in US dollars.





Hosted Direct
  • Single user account on a shared Direct Server
  • no administrative access
  • up to 100Mbps
  • 100 GB of disk space
$199 $1,999
Hosted Workflow
  • Dedicated instance of Workflow on a shared server
  • Unlimited end-user accounts
  • Access to super admin account
  • No data storage; provide your own or purchase a bundle
$399 $3,999
Hosted Bundle
  • Combine Workflow and Direct packages together
  • Lower combined monthly cost
  • Single Direct account can service unlimited Workflow users
$499 $4,999
Dedicated Hosting
  • Private dedicated server or private cloud
  • Choice of the physical location for the server
  • Wide choice of bandwidth and storage capacity
  • Private instance of Workflow and/or Direct
  • Unlimited user and admin accounts
  • Custom Configuration and Setup
n/a Starts from $999 per month Contact Sales

* There are no initial setup fees, however monthly payments are based on minimum 6-month initial commitment.
The entire annual amount must be paid up-front.

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Client Connectivity Options

Web Browser

For the Workflow packages the main connectivity tool, is the web browser.

Visit our Product Details to learn about FileCatalyst Workflow.


Used by both Workflow and Direct packages, HotFolder is a desktop application that may be installed at the client side. With HotFolder, set up one or more “watched” folders, which transfer new or changed files automatically. HotFolder has rich filtering and bandwidth scheduling capabilities, along with a number of other tools to fully control your file transfer.

Unlimited distribution of the HotFolder application is included with the Direct Package only. One-time $2,000 fee applies with the Workflow package.

Visit our Video Tutorials page to learn about installation and configuration


Used by hosted Direct package only, the FileCatalyst Express Client is a standalone desktop application for on-request (unscheduled, adhoc) file transfers. This is a good choice for people who: prefer on-request file transfers, are already familiar with standard FTP clients, and prefer to have an installed desktop application.

Unlimited distribution of the Express application is included in the cost.

Web Applets

Used by hosted Direct package only, Java Web Applets allow you to embed accelerated file transfer into any webpage, resulting in a zero-installation experience for the end-user. Build a new file transfer web portal, or add the applets to an existing one. There are three applets: two-way, upload-only, and download-only.

Applicable only for the Direct package, Java Applets are a one-time fee add-on at $2,500 USD

Outlook Plugin

The FileCatalyst Outlook Plugin uses your organization's instance of FileCatalyst Workflow to enable large file transfer without leaving Microsoft® Outlook™. See Outlook Plugin for more details.

Outlook Plugin is included with all the FileCatalyst Workflow package


FileCatalyst Mobile App is available for both iPhone/iPad and Android

Mobile app is included with all the packages.


Used by both Workflow and Direct packages, the FileCatalyst SDK is written in Java SE. Use the Client API's to automated file transfers or job submission to either your hosted Workfow instance or hosted Direct account.

The CLI (Command Line Interface) can be triggered using scripts or via applications built in languages other than Java. If your existing process already uses command-line FTP, upgrade it with accelerated FileCatalyst transfers.

The SDK and CLI are a one-time fee add-on at $2,000 USD