FileCatalyst Central

Managing endpoints works best when you can reach any of them through one consolidated view….Implementing FileCatalyst Central for Aberfast was an easy decision for us.

—Matthew Cook, President, Aberdeen Broadcast Services

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At a Glance

FileCatalyst Central is a web application that provides an overview of your entire deployment. View ongoing transfers in realtime, dig into transaction histories, and check or clear alarms. From one central management console, inspect connected nodes and remotely control FileCatalyst Server and FileCatalyst HotFolder instances.

Equally useful for individual or multiple instances of FileCatalyst Direct, FileCatalyst Webmail or FileCatalyst Workflow, FileCatalyst Central provides a complete web-based tool to manage a FileCatalyst deployment.

FileCatalyst Central Worldmap

Within each product are connection options including applets, HotFolders, and custom-built applications. All connect to FileCatalyst Central.

Monitoring and Management

Overview Page

The application's home has 4 compact views with all the most important information:

  • Current Transfers
  • Current Alarms and Notifications
  • Nodes registered for connection, as well as their connection status
  • General File Transfer statistics for the month, week, and day

Realtime Updates

File transfers can be monitored in realtime on the overview page, or in greater detail on a dedicated page. Transactional data includes:

  • Source and Destination node ID
  • Start time and ETA for each file
  • Transfer speed
  • Progress of individual file transfers

Manage Connected Nodes

Every connected endpoint is a “node”, including FileCatalyst Servers, FileCatalyst Clients, or 3rd-party clients.

  • Monitor status of all nodes
  • Remote administration of FileCatalyst HotFolder and FileCatalyst Server nodes
  • No special network or application configuration; if you can access FileCatalyst Central over the web, you can remotely manage a node
  • Adjust delivery times, add and remove user accounts, configure security options, and perform maintenance

Alarms and Notifications

FileCatalyst Central provides full access to FileCatalyst's alarm mechanisms:

  • Brief and detailed views of current alarms and notifications
  • Historical record of alarms, with a configurable retention period.
  • Ability to clear alarms through the web interface
  • Disable individual alarm types as needed
  • Configure optional SNMP and email alerts.

FileCatalyst Central and ERP

FileCatalyst Central provides tools and delivery mechanisms for Enterprise Resource Planning:

  • A realtime view of the entire FileCatalyst deployment and its ongoing transactions
  • Statistics and data stored in a central database
  • A focused and consistent user interface for both monitoring and management features
  • Simple installation and ability to add nodes without integration by an IT department