Partner Alliance Categories

The FileCatalyst Partner Alliance program offers partnership opportunities in three categories. A partner may list in multiple alliance categories to provide various levels of service and support of FileCatalyst. The following provides an overview of the FileCatalyst Partner Alliance categories.

Channel Partners

This category includes Resellers, System Integrators (SIs), Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Value Added Distributors (VADs). Typically, VARs and system integrators will add consulting services and/or integrates FileCatalyst along with other products and resells as an integrated solution. Reseller partners will purchase FileCatalyst with the intention of reselling it with little added value. All of these partners focus on reselling FileCatalyst products in vertical markets and geographical regions where FileCatalyst may not have a local direct presence. These partners are selling, implementing, and supporting FileCatalyst.

Embedded Partners

This Program is a worldwide software licensing program for all our Embedded / OEM partners: Independent software Vendors (ISVs) and Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs). The FileCatalyst Embedded Partner Program offers a convenient way to license FileCatalyst products, integrate them into a software business application / hardware device and then replicate the business solution and distribute a fully licensed solution to end users. A business solution is the software or hardware product that the OEM licenses to his customers that includes FIleCatalyst licensed products via an SDK/API, adds significant and functionality to the OEM products (ie for partners who’s application would benefit from the accelerated transfer of large data / files across a WAN). As an Embedded / OEM partners, you can integrate FileCatalyst licensed products into your business solution by including one or more FileCatalyst licensed products along with the software for your business solution and distributing the solution by either: Copying it onto physical media, which is labelled and packaged as your business solution or Pre-installing it on a computer system for distribution as part of your business solution.

Service Providers

These partners provide communications, computing, storage, collaboration, FTP, processing, or other services via cloud/SaaS model. These customers are also telecom providers as either a data center or CLEC. These partners may offer as a FileCatalyst branded product or may integrate / brand under their offering.

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