Partner Alliance Overview

Through the establishment of strategic partner alliances, FileCatalyst successfully accelerates the pace of innovation, implementation and service delivery. FileCatalyst sees and values strong alliances as paramount to achieving maximum satisfaction among customers.

By leveraging the combined strength of its partner alliances, FileCatalyst is able to continuously raise the standard by which all competitors are measured. Through the power of cooperation, FileCatalyst orchestrates the delivery of time critical information, leveraging applications and services to customers. To date, over 750 customers and an estimated million end-users rely on FileCatalyst for their multi-channel delivery needs.

FileCatalyst has created the next generation of the FileCatalyst Alliances Program designed to further enhance the ability to create and leverage effective partnerships around the world. Fueled by global demand for the FileCatalyst software, this enhanced program includes information and tools for partners to benefit from a valuable and comprehensive source of information including new features, training, sales tools, greater alliance opportunities, and a new FileCatalyst Alliance member Portal.

For parties interested in more detailed information about objectives and requirements for partnering with FileCatalyst, alliance guidelines, marketing support and partner logo usage, please refer to this Alliance Program Guide. If you have any questions not covered in this guide or on the FileCatalyst Alliance Portal, feel free to contact us.