February 4, 2014

Feature of the Month FileCatalyst Alarms When a user connects a FileCatalyst Server or HotFolder to FileCatalyst Central, the software can be configured to send alarm notifications via FileCatalyst Central. These notifications can be managed inside the FileCatalyst Central web console, or forwarded as e-mail or SMTP trap to a higher level NMS system. New […]  →

January 7, 2014

Feature of the Month Saving Time and Bandwidth with Incremental Transfers Many file transfer scenarios include the transfer of the same set of files on a daily basis. If a set if files has previously been transferred, FileCatalyst has the ability to check files at the destination to see if the file needs to be […]  →

December 5, 2013

Feature of the Month Real Time Monitoring & Management with FileCatalyst Central Need to know what exactly is happening on your FileCatalyst deployment? The FileCatalyst Central web-based application provides a management interface where admin users can view ongoing transfers in real-time, dig into transaction histories, and check or clear alarms. Alarms can be sent via […]  →

November 5, 2013

Feature of the Month Connect to Site from Task/Menu Bar For a while now, FileCatalyst HotFolder users have been able to open "ad hoc" (or "on-demand") transfers to any of their preconfigured sites. The interface for this kind of transfer resembles the typical FTP client interface, with remote and local file system panels and the […]  →

October 7, 2013

Feature of the Month Transfer Cache - Send Once, Never Again Within a FileCatalyst HotFolder task, a scheduled run by default picks up all the files it finds in the specified HotFolder and sends it across the wire. If a user has a task scheduled to go off every hour, this means that the contents […]  →

September 4, 2013

Our September newsletter is jam packed with the latest on accelerated file transfer, from Feature of the Month, Enhanced Congestion Control to Tips & Tricks, Adding Multiple Lines of HTML Styles to an Email Template. Also learn about our Big Data session at IP Expo and read up on our latest blogs! Until next month!   →

August 6, 2013

See our August newsletter to catch up on the latest in accelerated and managed file transfer. From Tips and Tricks on assigning CPU resources in Linux, to our upcoming August webinar, there is something for everyone to make the most out of their FIleCatalyst deployment, or to learn the basics of FileCatalyst acceleration technology!   →

July 2, 2013

Check out our July newsletter for updates and news on everything accelerated file transfer! Read about single archive option for transferring large volumes of small files (and watch our recorded webinar on this topic too) and see our tips for adding contacts to the address book in FileCatalyst Worklow.   →

June 3, 2013

Catch up on the latest in accelerated file transfer with our June newsletter, with articles featuring Transferring Files at Speeds of up to 10 Gbps, new features in FileCatalyst Central 3.2, and tips on avoiding poor performance when uploading across high latency connections.   →

May 1, 2013

The FileCatalyst May newsletter is packed full of useful file transfer articles on REST Services, new features, and tips on removing unneeded compression. Also check out details on our upcoming May webinar and our latest blog postings on REST and 5 Reasons Why Accelerated and Managed File Transfer Should Be Part of Every Big Data Strategy.   →