May Webinar: How to Move Files at 10 Gbps

Accelerated file transfer is becoming increasingly popular for today’s organizations looking to optimize IT practices and share information quickly. At blazing speeds of up to 10 Gbps, accelerated file transfer eliminates file transfer bottlenecks and helps to make the most of faster link speeds available as bandwidth becomes a commodity.

In our May webinar, we will be demonstrating our 10 Gbps file transfers, as well as providing an overview of the technology behind these speeds. Data transfer speeds of 10 Gbps are fast enough to move a 30 Gb file from New York City to Rio in under 30 seconds or deliver the contents of a complete Blu-ray disk (~24GB) in under 25 seconds.

Please join John Tkaczewski, President and Christian Charette, Director of Software development at Unlimi-Tech on May 28 at 2PM ET time to watch a live demo of 10Gbps file transfers under real life network conditions.

Topic: How to Move Files at 10 Gbps
Date: Tuesday, May 28
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

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About the Speakers


John Tkaczewski
In 2000, John co-founded Unlimi-Tech Software, creator of the FileCatalyst suite of file transfer solutions. John remains active in software development, overseeing creative and technical vision for the FileCatalyst Webmail and FileCatalyst Workflow products.

Christian Christian Charette
Christian joined Unlimi-Tech Software with a decade of experience in the telecom industry in Montreal, working for Nortel Networks, Simpler Networks, and Ericsson Research Canada. He currently oversees the product development team and FileCatalyst product roadmaps, manages and leads architecture for the software design team, provides leadership for the quality control team, and ensures continued excellence from the technical support team.