DigiDelivery™ is End Of Life. Now What?

Studios and artists worldwide relied on DigiDelivery to share media with clients and collaborators. Tight integration with ProTools™ and existing workflows kept users “invested” in the technology. Now users are being abandoned. FileCatalyst would like to invite you to switch to an actively-developed and feature-rich solution.

FileCatalyst Webmail As a Replacement

If you are replacing DigiDelivery, consider FileCatalyst Webmail. No special hardware is required; install and manage your own system, data and bandwidth. Share files and folders online easily from an intuitive web interface, with recipients simply clicking a link in their email. FileCatalyst is also fast…up to thousands of times faster than other solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Software-only solution: no specialized hardware.
  • No client-side installation: send files to anybody with an email address.
  • Ultra-fast and reliable transfers using the UDP-based FileCatalyst protocol.
  • Ownership and full control over your bandwidth and private data.

Additional Benefits

  • “Drop Box” area for online storage and sharing.
  • Part of the FileCatalyst platform: adding additional tools (ie. automation) is seamless.
  • Competitive cost with flexible licensing options
  • Security options include SSL and AES encryption up to 2048 bits, and available authentication with LDAP(S) and AD(S).
Expand to see benefits vs. DigiDelivery
Feature FileCatalyst Webmail DigiDelivery
Required software Web browser DigiDelivery Client for senders
Platform supported All No Windows 7. OSX 10.3 native, 10.6 with Rosetta; 10.7 not supported
# User accounts Unlimited Unlimited (GT) | Unlimited guest + 1 std. (LT)
Acceleration Superior UDP-based transfers up to 10 Gbps Multi-threaded connections and compression
Verification MD5 checksums on-the-fly or upon delivery Protocol-driven only
Information required to send files Recipient's email address Server name or DigiDelivery ID
Encryption Key Automatically-generated or manually specified Manually specified
Storage Virtually unlimited: you control bandwidth, storage and access 500GB (GT) or 80GB (LT)
Not Available in DigiDelivery
Continuing support for modern operating systems
Address book with global and personal entries and LDAP/Active Directory synchronization
Re-send file packages to same or new recipients without re-uploading data.
Connect to client's FTP or FileCatalyst Server to send data directly; no need to pass through another server.
Ability to transfer folders
Ability to store content on a secure web folder
Sharing content on web folders with collaborators
Customize delivery form with personalized meta data
Multiple administrative roles
Email notifications for file access and also successful delivery
Detailed history of activity for each transaction

If you're ready for more information, start at the Webmail Overview page, or check out a Feature List.

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