FileCatalyst Webmail 4.9.2 Downloads

Please note that files in the download area are password-protected. For all clients with a valid support contract, the download password can be obtained via the Support Portal (if you don't have an account simply create one). If after logging in you don't see a link "Get Download Password" open a ticket and request "Get Download Password" feature to be added to your account.

If you're a FileCatalyst partner, please email partners (at) filecatalyst (dot) com to obtain the download password.

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FileCatalyst Webmail overcomes size limitations for email attachments, as well as providing a central location for tracking, storing, and managing transfers by the system's users.

Core Application Downloads

Windows Installer
Windows™ 7/8 and Windows Server™ 2008/2012 64-bit New Installations and Upgrades – download the executable installer (~170 MB). The installer will configure a Tomcat Service. You must have administrator privileges to run the installer. If after upgrading the service is not starting, please run the installer a second time.
Zip Archive
All Other Scenarios (including Win 64-bit) – download the ZIP archive of the WAR file (~55 MB)
  • This file is for all upgrades (including upgrades of legacy Windows, Linux and MacOS installations) as well as new deployments to other OSes and other servlet containers

Optional Application Downloads

Some of these applications—such as FileCatalyst Server—require a compatible license key.

Server Download
FileCatalyst Server is an optional component for FileCatalyst Webmail, bringing FileCatalyst acceleration and point-to-point transfers to your Webmail solution.
Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux/Solaris
HotFolder Download
FileCatalyst HotFolder is a desktop application which may be used by end-users for automated submission of new/updated files to FileCatalyst Webmail.
Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux/Solaris
Remote Administration Tool
Server Remote Administration Tool is a desktop application which allows remote administrators to have full control of the FileCatalyst Server. This tool does not allow for administration of the web application.
Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux/Solaris
Outlook Plugin for Webmail
The Outlook Plugin enables submission to the Webmail system directly from
Microsoft® Outlook.
Download for: Windows
Documentation: PDF
Requires Java Runtime 6, NET Framework 2.0+, Windows, Outlook
FileCatalyst Web API
FileCatalyst Web API is a tool that allows submission of jobs programmatically to FileCatalyst Webmail.
Download for: All Operating Systems


Webmail Quickstart PDF
Linux Installation Guide
Deployment in
Apache Tomcat
Enabling Acceleration
HotFolder Integration
Release Notes
Online Documentation
Upgrade Instructions