FileCatalyst® Development Kit

Please note that files in the download area are password-protected. For all clients with a valid support contract, the download password can be obtained via the Support Portal (if you don't have an account simply create one). If after logging in you don't see a link "Get Download Password" open a ticket and request "Get Download Password" feature to be added to your account.

If you're a FileCatalyst partner, please email partners (at) filecatalyst (dot) com to obtain the download password.

We provide many options for integration into 3rd party applications and workflows. Java developers can work directly with the FileCatalyst Client and Server APIs, while other developers can take advantage of the Java applets, .NET wrapper, Command Line Interface or Web Services.

Client API

Every method needed to establish a connection to a FileCatalyst Server. Default values are used for most functions, with a full range of method calls allowing you to access advanced features.

Download API for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux / Solaris
Documentation: Javadocs (HTML)

Server API

The new Server API exposes every method needed to manage users, as well as request session information on the FileCatalyst Server

Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux / Solaris
Documentation: Javadocs (HTML) | Command Line Usage (HTML)

Java Applets

Web developers can easily embed the applet with a simple <script> tag, and configure with a Javascript file. Use the dynamic language of your choice (PHP, Javascript, ASP, etc.) to configure the applets on-demand, or control the upload or download applet with our Javascript API.

Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux / Solaris
HTML Documentation: Download Applet | Upload Applet | Two-Way Applet

Mobile APIs

Easily create fast file transfer for Apple iOS and Google Android. FileCatalyst provides a native Objective-C API for iOS and a Java API for Android Dalvik.

Download for: iOS | Android
HTML Documentation for Android API: Javadoc for Android Dalvik development

Web Services API

The SOAP API sits on top of the Java API, providing a Web Services interface to initiate, control and monitor FileCatalyst transfers. You can use the Web Services if you develop in a language other than Java, or for integration into SOA-based applications.

Download for: IBM Websphere | Apache Tomcat (and other servlet containers)
Documentation: Online Documentation (HTML)

Command Line Interface

Using the CLI, access FileCatalyst functionality through virtually any scripting language, or from many other programming languages. Any tool able to output to the command line can be used to trigger FileCatalyst file transfers.

Download for: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux / Solaris

.NET Wrapper

Our wrapper provides seamless and transparent access to the Java API through .NET. Currently for Windows only.

Download for: Windows