FileCatalyst Direct 3.4 Downloads

Please note that files in the download area are password-protected. For all clients with a valid support contract, the download password can be obtained via the Support Portal (if you don't have an account simply create one). If after logging in you don't see a link "Get Download Password" open a ticket and request "Get Download Password" feature to be added to your account.

If you're a FileCatalyst partner, please email partners (at) filecatalyst (dot) com to obtain the download password.

Release Notes

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NOTE: If you are using FileCatalyst Direct Server as an add-on for FileCatalyst Webmail or FileCatalyst Workflow, please download the latest compatible version from their respective download pages. FileCatalyst Direct is a pure software solution, using a Server-Client architecture in order to manage and accelerate file transfer. Select individual files from the list below. Unless otherwise directed, most trials begin with the files in the “Base Package” category.

Username for downloads: filecatalyst

FileCatalyst Base Package

FileCatalyst Server Download 
FileCatalyst Server: A required component, installed to the location where files are centrally managed. You will need to request a license key during installation or when re-installing to a different machine. Windows | Mac OSX ( Pkg Installer / Zip ) | Linux / Solaris Server Quickstart FileCatalyst Server Quickstart PDF | HTML Documentation  
HotFolder Download 
FileCatalyst HotFolder: Full-featured desktop client application for scheduling and automating file transfer. Windows | Mac OSX ( Pkg Installer for OS versions 10.8 or newer / Zip for older MAC OS ) | Linux / Solaris HotFolder Quickstart HotFolder Quickstart PDF | HTML Documentation  
FileCatalyst Express Download 
FileCatalyst Express: Simplified transfer application resembling traditional on-demand FTP clients. Windows | Mac OSX | Linux / Solaris Documentation: FileCatalyst Express  

Additional Client Options

FileCatalyst Web Applets 
FileCatalyst Web Applets: Use FileCatalyst from anywhere in the world that has a web browser and internet connection. Applets are available for upload, download, and 2-way transfer tasks. Zip (Windows / Mac OSX) | Tarball (Linux / Solaris) HTML Documentation: Download Applet | Upload Applet | Two-Way Applet  
FileCatalyst TransferAgent 
FileCatalyst TransferAgent: TransferAgent combines a desktop application (the "agent" itself) with an HTML5 interface that allows browsing local or remote file listings, selecting files for transfer, and initiating transfer without the use of browser plugins. Windows | Mac OSX | Deployment Package (all platforms) HTML Documentation: End User Guide | Deployment Guide | Windows Install Guide | OSX Install Guide  
FileCatalyst CLI Download 
Command Line Interface: Transfer to and from FileCatalyst Server using shell interface, scripting, or application output to command-line. Windows | Mac OSX | Linux / Solaris  

Administrative Tools

Server Remote Administration Tool 
Server Remote Administration: control FileCatalyst server remotely, or use to access FileCatalyst Server running as a local service. Windows | Mac OSX ( Pkg Installer / Zip ) | Linux / Solaris  
HotFolder Remote Administration Tool 
HotFolder Remote Administration: allows remote access to the HotFolder application, if enabled on the HotFolder. Also used to access HotFolder instances that are running as a service. Windows | Mac OSX ( Pkg Installer / Zip ) | Linux / Solaris  
FileCatalyst Central 
FileCatalyst Central: Provides a web-based interface for remote management as well as monitoring the health of a FileCatalyst deployment. FileCatalyst Central Download Page  

Server Silent Installer 
Server “Silent” Installer: Essentially the same as the FileCatalyst Server installer, but records choices in order to automate additional installations. Download for Windows only  
HotFolder Silent Installer 
HotFolder “Silent” Installer: Essentially the same as the FileCatalyst HotFolder installer, but records choices in order to automate additional installations. Download for Windows only  

Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK Icon 
FileCatalyst SDK: a range of tools and APIs are available through our Software Development Kit. The SDK has FileCatalyst Direct Server as a base requirement. Go to FileCatalyst SDK page