FileCatalyst Direct 2.7.3 Released

by , August 24, 2009
FileCatalyst Direct has received some new features and improvements. The latest version available as a production release is now 2.7.3, and is available for immediate download from your download page. Please contact your representative if you need more details on how to download and/or upgrade. filecatalyst_direct New to FileCatalyst 2.7.3:
  • I/O tests to identify maximum write speed for available hardware (help identify bottlenecks at the hardware level)
    • User home directory at FileCatalyst Server location
    • At the HotFolder directory (often but not always end-user location)
  • Improvements to user listings, including responsiveness and filtering
  • Multiple Active Directory and OpenLDAP directory servers for authentication
  • Optimization to improve throughput of single connection transfer speeds
  • Improvements to connection concurrency: more concurrent users possible; admin may hard-limit number of concurrent connections
  • Improvements to Command Line Interface usage and documentation
  • Aggressive releasing of Delta transfers and related resources
  • Ability to bind specific IP address on the server
  • Regular expressions available for filtering on HotFolder tasks
  • Improvements to Java Applets:
    • sendLogsToURL variable improved
    • added transfer mode display (UDP/FTP/HTTP)
    • added JavaScript call to modify remoteDir
  • Auto-detection of network settings no longer needs ICMP to be enabled
  • Improvements to memory handling and resource management
Also worth noting is that both HotFolder and Server documentation (when selecting "Help" from the application itself; not the QuickStart guide) have new and improved Performance Tuning sections. This new section is a must-read for anyone interested in knowing what bottlenecks might be holding them back, or how to squeeze the most out of their transfer.


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