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FileCatalyst Workflow is used by many printing and reprographics companies as a flexible and cost effective web-to-print solution. Used by printers with both offset and digital production facilities FileCatalyst Workflow offers the following key features:
  • branded user interface with custom email notifications
  • multiple order forms
  • job re-ordering
  • fast file and folder level transfers
  • pricing calculation
  • secure on-line storage of client files
  • custom job status levels
  • multiple administration account levels
  • simple file management across multiple print facilities
  • marketing email newsletter

Typical Scenario

End-customers of printing companies provide one or more digital files which are processed and then printed to paper or other media. Using email is impractical for file size and accountability reasons, FTP doesn't have job tracking and is not always simple and shipping physical media is an unnecessary and slow step. By deploying a solution such as FileCatalyst Workflow, printing companies give their customers an easy way to send and track their digital files. The transfer itself is sent at the highest possible speed, details for the job are collected (ex. size, paper stock, and number of copies), and the entire “job” is then tracked through the system as it moves from initial submission to production to shipping. Speed, efficiency, and accountability are all handled by the FileCatalyst system.

Online File Storage

FileCatalyst Workflow can also securely store customer files in a simple and well organized group file areas. The customer can select any stored file or folder for printing without the need to re-upload the files to the system. The customer can also share the file areas with other users while the entire process is tracked by the printer. The file area feature makes FileCatalyst a unique tool in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to facilitate management, distribution and reproduction of blue prints.

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Enterprise | Natural Resources | Gaming | Military & Gov | Medical | Media & Ent | Printing | AEC