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Fast File Transfer of Project Files

With project collaborators typically working in geographically dispersed locations, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals depend on digital file transfer to share information and manage communications. With the move to 3D CAD documents and an increased demand for large format CAD drawings in colour, the size of digital project files is  skyrocketing. This constant creep in the size of data is challenging the ability to quickly share and disseminate critical information needed to meet project deadlines. FileCatalyst software solutions accelerate, simplify and secure file transfer for project files and other sets of data. Various AEC companies already use FileCatalyst on a daily basis for quick and secure sharing of large files such as engineering blueprints and construction documents.

Fast Electronic Submission and Distribution of Bids

Additionally, FileCatalyst software can help to improve and automate the distribution and submission of bid/tender documentation to groups of geographically dispersed subcontractors. The entire tender process becomes fast, secure and easy with FileCatalyst accelerated file transfer software.

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