The Road To Banff leads through the Cloud

Recently, FileCatalyst had a great opportunity to be a part of Canada 3.0, a digital media forum with over 2,000 participants discussing and shaping Canada's digital landscape. One of the events was a “pitch off” that saw participants exchanging large digital media assets. FileCatalyst provided the transport technology, which was deployed to a cloud solution […]

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FileCatalyst at GTEC this October

GTEC is Canada's biggest “technology in the government” expo. With a number of government and military deployments under our belt at both Canadian and International level, we felt the time was right to show our leading fast file transfer technology to a broader public service audience, and GTEC was the obvious choice. Come and visit […]

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FileCatalyst at IBC

At the time of this post, IBC is still a number of weeks away. However, preparations have been underway for several months already, and the date will be upon us before we know it! Since the last show, there have been major iterations of all our software, including the well-anticipated release of FileCatalyst Direct 3.0 […]

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Comcast Demonstrates Fast Downloads On New 1 Gbps Broadband Connection using FileCatalyst

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by the broadband team at Comcast asking if we could help them with a demo they were working on for the Cable show in Chicago. Their plan was to perform a live demonstration of their new Gbps broadband connection by downloading the entire 5th season of 30 Rock […]

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FileCatalyst Direct 2.9 in Beta

The next version of our FileCatalyst Direct product is ramping up for imminent release. For several days now, existing clients and interested parties have been testing beta versions of 2.9 and providing final feedback before launch. If you are interested in checking out 2.9 before it goes into production, be sure to talk to your […]

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Overcoming Firewalls and Proxies Using HTTP Mode

Some organizations are restricted by firewall or proxy to HTTP traffic. FileCatalyst HTTP mode allows clients to connect to a FileCatalyst Server.

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Real-time FileSystem Monitoring

HotFolder is the most feature rich client application in the FileCatalyst suite. In a nutshell, it lets you watch folders on your local computer and/or FileCatalyst Server, and automatically transfer new or changed files. Until the release of version 2.8.1, FileCatalyst HotFolder had one major drawback: It couldn't identify changes to the source folder unless […]

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Log Viewing Improvements in FileCatalyst Direct 2.8.1

With the release of FileCatalyst Direct 2.8.1, there have been a number of improvments. Most of these are "under the hood," but some are quite visible to the end user. As many of you have no doubt experienced; the log viewing capabilities of FileCatalyst Server/Admin were pretty rudimentary. I say “were” because they received a […]

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Management Improvements: FileCatalyst Direct 2.8

The MonitoringAgent is an indispensable tool for organizations who need to be aware of statuses (for example, problems) in their FileCatalyst deployments. As of version 2.8, we have made some significant changes that result in a more efficient, easier to manage, and scalable monitoring tool.

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Compressing as Single Archive or Chunks – Use Cases

Zip archives are not normally used as an acceleration feature in and of themselves. However, when it comes to transferring thousands of small files, saving set-up and tear-down time can result in transfers that are hundreds of times faster.

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