Exposing the Internal FileCatalyst Server in Webmail and Workflow to accept connections from 3rd Party FTP Clients

Change is hard sometimes and while some of us find it easy to accept change, others find it hard. When IT departments move to FileCatalyst Webmail or Workflow to replace sending of files via email or using unmanaged FTP Servers, the big question is: "How can we do this while keeping users who are comfortable […]

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Quicklink and FileCatalyst – together on iOS

Quicklink implemented our file transfer technology some time ago, as an option for their impressive Store and Forward LNG offering, giving users the ability to send content to a central location at maximum available line speed. As part of our continuing relationship, we will have access to one of their Merlin backpack encoders at our […]

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Connecting to Multiple FC/FTP Servers In Webmail or Workflow

Background: Transactional data in Webmail/Workflow is tiny, not requiring much disk space; however, the file transfer data (the actual files) is very large. It is important to manage how and where this data is stored. Problem: You have multiple locations and you want to control where the files are stored when being sent via Webmail […]

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Minimize the the steps required to submit a job in Workflow

There are usually 5 steps required by the user to complete a job in FileCatalyst Workflow: Log in to the system Click on “create a new Job” User selects and completes one of their available order forms, with the user providing meta data for the upload Click on “upload files”, at which point the user […]

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The truth about unlimited bandwidth solutions

We have recently received many inquiries about how the FileCatalyst solution compares to open source, or commercial products offering supposedly "unlimited" bandwidth licenses. We covered the issues of open source solutions in a previous blog, but we also want to address solutions that claim to be unlimited. When you purchase a solution with claims that […]

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FileCatalyst Workflow and Webmail Version 4.8.1 Released

Today we released the latest versions of our FileCatalyst Workflow and FileCatalyst Webmail web applications. Webmail solves the problem of large file distribution, allowing users to send large files to anybody with an email address. Workflow solves this problem as well, but also provides a complete submission workflow, enabling "many to one" file transfers. Key […]

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FileCatalyst Staff Golf Tourney 2012

It's a rare day that work feels like work around here, but that doesn't change the fact that we're indoors, most of us in front of computer screens. Iterating code, improving written copy, and working to get our software into the hands of companies who need what we do... it does take effort and it […]

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Open Source Fast File Transfers

There exist a number of open source projects trying to tackle accelerated file transfer via UDP. Some solutions are more mature than others and also use different technologies to solve the same problem of large data transfer over WAN. This article should provide the reader enough information to compare the different solutions and gauge if […]

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Analysis On Improving Throughput Part 2: Memory

The life cycle of a file transfer follows this basic pattern: The first and last step in the diagram, Disk IO, were covered in Part 1 of the series: Improving Throughput Part 1: Disk IO. Disk IO is always a good place to start when analysing a system to see why files are not transferring […]

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FileCatalyst Webmail and Workflow 4.8

The FileCatalyst team is proud to announce the release of v4.8 and is now available for download from our main download page. Relase Notes: Added: (Workflow) REST API - Use REST calls to perform administrative functions. (Create/Update/Delete/List Users, Groups, Order Forms, FC/FTP Sites). Added: (Webmail + Workflow) - Expiry of Packages - Ability for the […]

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