5 Ways Managed File Transfer Will Change in 2013

Managed file transfer (MFT) solutions have been around for years, but as of late we’ve noticed their growing presence in enterprise IT. The obvious question is why, but we’d like to ask instead why not? MFT provides tracking, reliability, security to file transfers while simplifying and streamlining important IT processes. With increased efficiency and reduced […]

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FileCatalyst Applets: Persisting File Transfers Across Site

Overview The FileCatalyst JavaScript API offers the ability to implement an accelerated file transfer application from within a web browser. Using the API, you are able to customize the end-user's file transfer experience, integrating the file transfer into your site (in terms of both functionality and UI) in a way not necessarily possible with the […]

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FileCatalyst Webmail and Workflow updated to 4.8.2

We are pleased to announce the latest release in our FileCatalyst Webmail and FileCatalyst Workflow product lines. Both products have been updated to version 4.8.2. Read the version history and full release notes on support site. Highlights include: Increased functionality for regular admins Custom HTML in order forms Compatibility with latest version of FileCatalyst Direct […]

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AberFast Video File Delivery: Aberdeen Captioning Integrates FileCatalyst Technology for Accelerated Transfers

Aberdeen's AberFast solution enables the quick sharing of files across the globe with their cloud-based file delivery and transcoding solution. Helping to give the digital delivery system its extra oomph in file transfer speed is an integration with FileCatalyst UDP-based technology. The partnership provides clients operating in the broadcast industry a one-stop solution to upload, […]

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Infographic: Do you need file transfer acceleration?

While we could all use faster file transfer, there are certain situations in which accelerated file transfer can yield exceptional benefits. The following infographic can help determine if you are a good candidate for implementing accelerated file transfer technology:

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Tips & Tricks: Internet Explorer and FileCatalyst Applets

When a FileCatalyst applet is loaded in a user's computer the Internet Explorer 9 may show following warning: "FileCatalyst wants to use an old version of java (1.6.0_18) that is not installed on your system. We recommend running this application with the latest version of Java on your computer". This is caused by IE not […]

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More aggressive transfer settings in v3.1

When FileCatalyst first introduced congestion control in 2006 (or v1.5 of the software), we decided to have the protocol “play nice” on networks. To a network administrator, this meant that we never oversaturated their network when they ran their first UDP transfer. It also meant that with HotFolder's default settings, transfers would begin at 384 […]

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If big data is the new oil, accelerated file transfer is the pipeline!

"Big data" is the latest buzz word among the IT community. There is much talk about analyzing data to save money and improve efficiency. In fact, there is so much money involved in big data that IBM’s VP of innovation, Bernard Meyerson, referred to big data as the "new oil" at the recent GTEC conference. […]

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Java and Windows 7 Services

I recently had an interesting support case that I thought deserved to be shared with everyone. Essentially the customer was unable to run FileCatalyst Server as a service on Windows 7 Premium with the Windows firewall up. After attempting several things we discovered that it was a permissions issue with Java and Windows 7 services. […]

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Comparison of web-based file transfer methodologies

Transferring large files over the internet has never been a simple task. Anyone that has ever tried to transfer a file larger than 100MB can vouch for the slow transfer speeds, multiple disconnects, data corruption, complexity of the task and security issues surrounding FTP. The same problem exists for web developers trying to implement web-based […]

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